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Blocked DrainsOne of the first signs you need to call Mr Emergency Plumbing for assistance with a Blocked Drain is a nasty odour that may be coming from your drains both inside and out. It may have gotten worse over time, and may have started in your bathroom from the shower drain, and spread all the way to your kitchen sink! Don’t just wait for it to get better – if you have a Blocked Drains, simply call Mr Emergency Plumbers on 1300 164 064. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra. Our trusted and reliable plumbers at Mr Emergency Plumbing are certified and experienced in all areas of Plumbing and Gas Fitting, and installation and will be happy to assist in any gas or plumbing situation with a guaranteed same day service – and within a one hour* arrival time in an emergency.

Blocked drains happen for a number of reasons with tree roots being the number one cause. If there is the slightest crack in your pipework a tree root will make its way in and soon grow to a large mass mixing with other leaves and debris being flushed into your pipes. Cooking fats and oils, hair, food scraps and too much toilet paper are also common causes for blocked drains.  Being mindful what you are putting into your sinks, flushing down your toilets and where you are planting your trees can all help in the prevention of blocked drains.

Incorrect pipe installation is an increasing reason for blocked drains due to many DIY pipe repairs or installations. A DIY plumbing job may save you money up front but if done incorrectly will cost you far greater than you bargained for – especially as this is illegal if an unqualified contractor has installed your pipework or plumbing or gas appliances, this may also void any warranty and insurance claims. Don’t risk it; always employ a fully qualified plumber or gas fitter.

One of the main sources of technology Mr Emergency plumbers will use to unblock your drains is the Hydro-jet. The Hydro-jet pushes water out and down the drain and at a high speed and pressure (5000PSI) and clearing any matter such as tree root infestations, dirt, plant matter, hair – or anything else that may have caused the blockage.

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Blocked Drain CleaningMr Emergency plumbers also have available to you CCTV camera technology. This CCTV camera technology is able to move through your pipes and drains to locate the exact location and source of your blockage or any pipe damage or misalignment. You can rest assured that our professional plumbers at Mr Emergency Plumbing come well-armed and equipped to handle any job you require. Our friendly phone staff are knowledgeable and experienced in asking the right questions to ensure we can provide the right plumber for your needs.

A build-up of grease is a common cause of blocked drains in home kitchens and even business. The best way to for your Mr Emergency Plumber to clear out grease from blocked pipes is with the Hydro-jet. The hydro-jet is a trailer mounted machine that works its magic in no time at all. Don’t put up with that smell any longer, you may be causing more damage to your pipework, and replacing damaged pipes can be an expensive and lengthy exercise.

Call Mr Emergency Plumbing for your blocked drains today on 1300 164 064 and our team of trusted, fully qualified plumbers can have you on your way to clear and clean drains and pipes in no time.

Being available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can rely on Mr Emergency Plumbing.

*Conditions apply