Plumber Berwick 3806 VIC

Job date: Saturday 10th June 2017

Mr Emergency Plumbing received a call from a new customer in Berwick, Victoria on Friday June 9th at 7:45pm. The customer needed a plumber because they had a burst pipe in their roof. Our booking staff arranged for a plumber to come out the following day between 9am and 12pm. We were also able to arrange for our plumber to give the customer a courtesy call 30 minutes before he arrived, for the customer’s convenience.

Our local plumber arrived at the Gargeney Court address promptly at 9:00am on Saturday June 10th, driving a Jims Plumbing van stocked with standard parts so that he could start working immediately. All of our fully qualified plumbers first complete a job safety analysis before beginning the work to make sure it is safe to proceed. After the safety check, the plumber was able to remove the customer’s roof tiles to inspect the burst pipe. The plumber found that the pipe that had burst would need to be purchased, so he went out and bought it, as the customer was happy with this. Our plumber then repaired the 1 metre of burst pipe and tested it to make sure it was no longer leaking.

Jims Plumbing completed this work quickly and the plumber left the site at 10:12am that morning. The customer chose to pay using mobile EFTPOS.

Plumber Wanneroo 6165 WA

Job date: Friday 9th June 2017

Mr Emergency Plumbing recently attended a job for a local customer located in Wanneroo Western Australia who needed a plumber due to water that is leaking through the roof possibly caused by a blockage in the down pipe. Our booking centre received the call at 1:44 pm from the customer Friday afternoon the 9th of June, we were able to provided them with a time frame on the same day between 3:30 pm and 6:30pm.

Our local plumber arrived at the 3 Barnbie Way Wanneroo address just after 4:30pm.The fully qualified plumber John W arrived in a van stocked with standard parts and materials so that work could be started immediately. All of our plumbers first complete a job safety analysis to make sure it is safe to do the work. The plumber was then able to begin to investigate the cause of the damage, as discussed with the customer. The plumber advised that he had to investigate the water damage and found the damage to be in the bathroom ceiling caused by possible leaking gutters and dampness in the from the steam after the showers, he was then able to use the hydro drain machine to unblock the downpipe and cleared the airway.

Mr Emergency Plumbing upon completion of  the work and left the site at 5:21pm. The customer chose to pay using our convenient mobile EFTPOS provided by the plumber on site and would happy recommend our company and use it for any issues they have in the future.

Plumber Mornington 3931

Job date: Monday 5th June 2017

Mr Emergency Plumbing recently attended a job for a local customer in Mornington, Victoria who wanted a new Chromagen heat pump to be supplied and installed. Our booking centre received the call on Monday June 5th at 2:55pm. We were able to arrange for a plumber to come out first thing the following morning between 8am and 11am.

One of our local plumbers arrived at the Robertson Drive address right on the dot of 8:00am on the day. Our fully qualified plumber arrived in a van stocked with standard parts and materials so that they were able to start work immediately, after first conducting a work safety anaylsis. The plumber had a look at the current unit, a Bosch Hydro 16, and was able to write up a quote for the installation of a new heat pump. The quote included uninstalling and removing the current unit, and installing a new Chromagen heat pump HP170. It also included altering the pipes to suit the new unit.

Mr Emergency Plumbing were able to work quickly to provide the quote, and had left the site less than 15 minutes after they arrived. The customer chose to pay for the time the plumber was onsite using our convenient mobile EFTPOS.

Plumber Swan View 6056

Job date: Friday 2nd June 2017

On Friday 2nd June Mr Emergency Plumbing Swan View received a telephone call from a customer in the local area. The customer lived on Abbott Way and was in desperate need of a plumber. The customer had a blocked toilet and was not able to use the toilet. The customer wanted someone out as soon as possible as it was the only toilet in the house and they needed to be at work by 9:30am.

The dispatch team at Mr Emergency Plumbing were able to shuffle a few things around and fit this customer in between 8:00am – 8:30am that morning. The customer was more than happy we were able to work this around them and also impressed with the speed of the service. The customer booked in for between 8:00am – 8:30am that morning.

At 8:00am the plumber arrived on site at the Swan View property ready to help the customer with their blocked toilet. The plumbers here at Mr Emergency plumbing are all required to carry out a safety check prior to begging work. This is to make sure everything on site is safe for the plumber to continue and safe for everyone on site at the time of work.

Once the safety check was done the plumber then began work. The plumber firstly located the blocked toilet and then started to unblock the toilet from the toilet inspection opening. The blockage was found at the rear gully and it was affecting all drains. The plumber used a hydro jet machine to clear the blockage and the cause of the blockage was unknown. Once all the plumbers work was complete the plumber was then able to move onto his next job a few suburbs over and the customer paid for the plumbers work using th eftpos machine located in all Jims Plumbing vehicles.

Plumbers in Gladstone Park VIC 3043

Job Date: Wednesday 12th April 2017

Despite the name of Mr Emergency Plumbing, not only are our plumbers available for emergency jobs, but we also complete general maintenance work day to day. The booking starts with a call to our friendly call centre team, on the 12th of April at 4:00pm, the customer advised that they had a 15 year old indoor gas hot water system that exploded and required a replacement. Thankfully we had a plumber close by and we organised for one of our plumbers to attend between 4pm and 7pm

The plumber arrived onsite at 5:45 to the Burnleigh Drive address in Gladstone Park, the plumber discussed with the customer on their hot water needs. From how many people in the home, to how many bathrooms, to how much hot water is needed day to day on average. After the discussion the plumber found the best system for the customer and quoted to disconnect and remove the burst unit and supply and install a new Aquamax 155 L hot water system, running new hot cold and gas line to the unit also using a new gas cock, duo valve and concrete slab. After completing the quote the plumber printed off full written one.

Plumbers in Brisbane QLD 4000

Job Date: Monday 10th April 2017

On the 10th of April at approximately 5:00pm a member of the Mr Emergency Plumbing bookings team received a call from a new customer to us, after reading fantastic reviews from previous customers online. This new customer advised the friendly operator that a tap in their home would not turn off. Thankfully we had a timeframe of within the hour available, so we organised for one of our fully qualified plumbers to attend by 6:00pm that same day.

The plumber arrived onsite at 5:48 to the Margret Street address in the Brisbane CBD, in a well-stocked Jims Plumbing van ready to start work. After the plumber gave a quick but thorough inception of the job in hand he found the best solution would be to replace the tap. The customer advised us that particular tap was not vital at this point and they were looking to get all the taps replaced in the near future. The plumber capped off the constantly running tap to ensure the customer would not lose any more water. The job took less than 15 minutes to complete, to which the customer opted to pay with a cheque and we were on our way to the next job.

Plumbers in Bundoora VIC 3083

Job Date: Wednesday 12th April 2017

Mr Emergency Plumbing is one of Australia’s leading emergency plumbing companies, we are dedicated to helping those who have unexpected plumbing issues occur and providing fantastic customer service.  A customer in Bundoora, Victoria on Snake Gully Drive called through to the Mr Emergency call centre for a possible broken stormwater pipe due to a slow draining drain.  The customer requested to have this investigated as soon as possible, so we organised a plumber to attend within the next available time frame which was between 1pm and 4pm.

Mr Emergency Plumbing Bundoora arrived onsite at exactly 1:02pm ready to get to work.  Our plumber arrived with all requested and necessary equipment in his vehicle and went to the stormwater pipe to investigate the issue.  The plumber inserted the camera into the stormwater pipe and found no breakages in the pipe however the slow draining could be caused from tree roots from a  tree in the neighbour’s yard and the sewer easement.  Our customer was pleased that we were able to offer this type of information, which was exactly what he wanted.

On completion of the investigation, the customer was able to keep the footage and was able to pay the plumber on completion via the use of our mobile eftpos machine which all of our plumbing vans are equipped with – for added convenience for the customer.

Plumbers in Tarragindi QLD 4121

Mr Emergency Plumbing Tarragindi received an emergency call out from a customer on Sexton Street who was having issues with her Bosch, HiFlo gas hot water system.  The customer advised that her system was leaking and the leak was beginning to grow worse and worse the longer she left it.  So we organised to have a plumber attend for the very next timeframe which was available – between 12pm and 3pm that same day.

Mr Emergency Plumbing Tarragindi arrived onsite and immediately inspected the customer’s hot water system.  The plumber found the hot water system was in need of an immediate replacement, so our customer was provided with a quote on the spot.  Mr Emergency Plumbing provides nothing but the best service for customers, which is why we provide a same day service for 90% of our jobs and quotes which are valid for up to 30 days, so our customer’s do not feel pressured to accept a quote.  We also understand how difficult it can be these days when it comes to unexpected maintenance plumbing, which is why we offer our customers interest free payment plans when it comes to hot water system replacements!

Plumbers in Pakenham VIC 3810

Job Date: 19th November 2016

On the 19th of November, a Saturday evening approximately 4:30pm the Mr Emergency Plumbing team received a call from a customer that had a blocked toilet on the third storey of their home. They asked that we attend the next morning so we organized for a plumber to attend between 9am and 12pm the next day, Sunday the 20th of November after taking down a few more of the customer’s details.

Our fully qualified plumber arrived onsite just before 10am on the Sunday morning with a range of different drain clearing tools and equipment ready to face any job. The plumber found the best solution would be to use the hydro jet drain machine, the latest in drain clearing machinery and began work. First our plumber had to remove the 3rd floor toilet to rod the drain from that point all the way down, we unblocked the drain fully with the hydro jet and reinstated the toilet suite. The plumber paper tested the drain after clearing the blockage and everything flowed through with ease again.

After the job was completed our customer service team gave the customer a call to ensure they were happy with the overall service, which they were and would use us again in the future if need be.

Plumbers in Glen Forrest WA 6071

Job Date: November 14th 2016

Mr Emergency plumbing Glen Forrest recently attended a job for a customer with a property located on Daleyview Close in Glen Forrest. The customer called through to our after hours bookings team at approximately 5pm on November 14th the customer was looking for a plumber to attend their property the same evening for a burst pipe under their kitchen sink. We offered the customer a time between 5pm and 8pm for our plumber LH to arrive.

LH arrived at the customer’s Daleyview close property at 6:32pm within the allocated time frame provided by our bookings team. Our plumber arrived onsite with the parts and tools required to complete the work required and get the customers burst pipe repaired as efficiently as possible. The plumber replaced both the hot and cold flexi hose under the kitchen sink. While on site he also installed an isolation tap prior to the cold water flexi hose as there was already one on the hot water side. The customer was issued with a Minor Certificate of Compliance at the end of the job. Our plumber fixed the burst pipe, completed all work required and was off site within half an hour.