Dux Continuous Flow Hot Water

The word Dux means best and this is certainly the case when it comes to the Dux continuous flow hot water heater range. Should you require a supply and new installation of a Dux continuous flow hot water heater in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra contact Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 for a free, no obligation, quote. Our fully qualified and affordable hot water plumbers are available on-call 24/7, including weekends. We also have plumbers who work on public holidays meaning that you can rely on Mr Emergency Plumbing for any gas or plumbing disaster 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day. If you require emergency repairs on your Dux continuous flow hot water heater we can be at your home within the hour* of your plumber booking and provide a same day plumbing service for non-emergency gas or plumbing requirements guaranteed.

Dux Continuous Flow


Dux is a proud Australian company which has proven reliability, efficiency and longevity in the water heater industry with a history dating back to 1915.

In addition to traditional tank-type (storage) hot water units, the Dux continuous flow hot water system (through the Dux Endurance® range) has also proven to be a popular choice for home owners wanting to update their hot water delivery.

Let’s look at some reasons why a Dux continuous flow hot water Endurance® system might be the right choice for you.

  • Dux continuous flow hot water heater will heat water only as and when you use it, whereas tank-type systems have hot water sitting in the tank ready for use. This stagnant storage of hot water (which is often prone to the elements when the tank is located outside) requires constant re-heating, resulting in more use of energy, and that means a larger energy bill! The need for re-heating is eliminated with a continuous flow unit.
  • The energy efficiency of a Dux continuous flow hot water heater is reflected in their Star energy ratings, with a minimum 5 Stars and an amazing maximum 6.2 Stars!
  • A Dux continuous flow hot water heater has various size models, each which deliver a different amount of hot water per minute. Understanding the complexities of your family size versus hot water unit size versus the amount of hot water delivered per minute can be confusing! If you have any doubts over what size model is best for your family’s needs contact Mr. Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 for a no obligation chat and we will help you decide whether your family’s hot water usage requires 16, 20, 26 or 32 litres per minute delivery.
  • A Dux continuous flow hot water heater comes with up to 4 controllers per unit as an optional accessory. This is great if you appreciate the convenience of being able to vary hot water temperatures.

Furthermore, if you install a revolutionary Readyhot® recirculation pump in conjunction with a Dux Endurance® water heater you will reduce the amount of water and time wasted while waiting for hot water to arrive at the tap. This is because the Readyhot® water recirculation system moves the cooled water that has been lying in the household’s main pipes back to the water heater, whilst drawing through hot water that is required at the same time.


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