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If you have a problem with your gas hot water heater or would like a new one installed Mr Emergency Plumbing is the right company for the job. We can have a fully qualified plumber/gas-fitter to your door within the hour*, if required, 24 hours a day – every day of the year, including all public holidays and we are the experts in all types of water heaters.

Gas Hot Water

Water heating can account for up to a quarter of your household’s energy use, so we do recommend reviewing how you use the water in your home and going over the different types of hot water systems to find the best option for you in relation to your hot water needs. By doing your research up front you may find a hot water system that is best suited for your home or office and that will save you money over time and will also be more greenhouse efficient – rather than just choosing the cheapest option available, which can sometimes cost you more in the long run.

The most common fuels for hot water heaters are;

  • Natural Gas
  • LPG or liquid petroleum gas
  • Electric
  • Solar

A Natural Gas hot water heater will produce less greenhouse gas than an electric model to heat the same amount of water, which will also save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

With gas hot water heaters there are two main types available;

Storage Gas Hot Water Heaters

Gas storage hot water heaters can be run by either natural gas or LPG, they store water in a tank and usually have a pilot flame continually burning to heat the water. The water temperature needs to be set to between 60 to 70 degrees Celsius to prevent bacterial growth inside the tank. Due to this heat setting it may be worth considering installing a temperate control valve to enable the bathroom water heat to be set at 50 degrees Celsius to ensure there is no risk of scalding.

Once the water in the tank reaches the desired temperate setting the main burner is extinguished and then the pilot light will automatically re-ignited the main burner if the water temperature drops too low.

Storage gas hot water heaters can be installed outside of your property or inside with a flue to vent any exhaust gas. They are commonly made from vitreous enamel steel, but there is also a stainless steel option. The stainless steel is more expensive but will have a longer life span and require less maintenance than the vitreous enamel.

The gas storage tanks are quite compact, usually ranging between 90L-300L, a household of 4 people will require a tank size of around 130L-170L.

Gas storage water heaters come with energy efficiency ratings – usually between 3-5 stars. The tanks are insulated but can lose some heat through their walls, requiring them to constantly need to burn gas to ensure the water is kept at the chosen temperate; this loss can contribute greatly to your energy bills. A higher rated energy efficiency tank will have better insulation resulting in lower storage losses and reduced bills and carbon gas emissions.

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See below for some of the recommend models installed or repaired by the expert plumbers and gas-fitters from Mr. Emergency Plumbing;

Continuous Flow or Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Heaters

Continuous Flow (also known as Instantaneous or tankless) hot water heaters do not need to store water in a tank; they are a compact system that heats water as and when you need it, whenever you turn on your hot water tap – the system detects this and automatically ignites the tanks burner – the water is heated instantaneously as it passes through the heat exchanger, providing an ‘on demand’ continuous heat flow 24/7.

Continuous Flow systems are compatible with natural gas, LPG and solar power and are very energy efficient, with most models having a 5-6 star energy efficiency rating – producing significantly less greenhouse gas emissions and will contribute to a dramatic reduction in your energy bills.

As there is no tank the continuous flow hot water systems only need to be set to around 50 degrees Celsius – as there is no issue in regards to bacterial growth (as with the storage systems) and thus reducing any risk of scalding from the water being too hot. Many of these instantaneous systems are available to come with optional remote control access to allow you to pre-set your desired hot water temperatures in different areas of your home.

The standard models have a continually burning pilot light, which can waste a certain amount of gas – but there are more economical models available that are installed with an electric ignition, these are usually cheaper to run.

Continuous flow hot water heaters come in varying sizes to suit any home or commercial property.

Click on the links below for further information on the brands of continuous flow hot water heaters recommended by the team from Mr. Emergency plumbing;

For a trusted installation or repair of any gas hot water heater call Mr Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064. We are your local Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Sydney plumbers and gas-fitters – we guarantee we will attend to all of your plumbing needs the same day that you make your booking, and that we will put a smile on your face with our outstanding, reliable and affordable service.

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