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Blocked DrainsDiagnosing your Blocked Drain problem…

Determining you have a blocked drain can be quite tricky sometimes. One of the first signs you may have a Blocked Drain is a nasty odour that may be coming from your drains both inside and out. This problem may have worsened over a long period of time, and could have started in your bathroom from the shower drain, and spread all the way to your kitchen sink!

Other potential signs of blocked drains can include your toilet, shower, bath or sinks draining slowly. This is because a blockage can inhibit the movement of water, and eventually result in water being unable to drain at all if left unfixed.

If only one of your sinks or things has a draining issue, it is likely the blockage is in the fixture itself. However, if issue is in all of your sinks or toilets, then the blockage is most likely to be in the sewer drain.

Don’t just wait for it to get better – if you have a Blocked Drains, simply call Mr Emergency Plumbers on 1300 164 064. Our trusted and reliable plumbers are certified and experienced in all areas of blocked drain cleaning.

Causes for a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains happen for a number of reasons with tree roots being the number one cause. Even a slight crack in your pipework from a tree root will eventually make the crack larger enabling leaves and debris being flushed into your pipework. Additionally, cooking fats and oils, hair, food scraps and too much toilet paper are also common causes for blocked drains.  Being aware of what you are putting into your sinks, flushing down your toilets and where you are planting your trees can all help in the prevention of blocked drains.

Incorrect pipe installation is also a notable reason for blocked drains which can arise from DIY pipe repairs and installations. A DIY plumbing job may save you money up front but if done incorrectly will cost you large sums of money  – especially if the installation is illegal. If an unqualified contractor has installed your pipework, plumbing or gas appliances, your insurance and warranty claims may be voided. Therefore, don’t risk it and always employ a fully qualified plumber or gas fitter.

Fixing your Blocked Drain

All plumbers from Mr Emergency have undergone extensive training with the most drain cleaning technologies. One of the main tools our plumbers will use to unblock your drains is the Hydro-jet. The Hydro-jet pushes water out and down the drain and at a high speed and pressure (5000PSI), clearing any matter such as tree root infestations, dirt, plant matter, hair – or anything else that may have caused the blockage.

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How to clear your own blocked drain?

Boiling water

To quickly fix your blocked drains, you can try pouring boiling water directly into the drain. In some cases, this is adequate to clear your blocked drain by loosening or dissolving the blockage without having to utilise more serious conventions. However, only utilise this method for metallic and ceramic pipes since the heat can weaken joints on PVC pipes. If you have PVC pipes, use hot water instead of boiling water because this method can still be effective at dissolving food-build up and grease, but may be inefficient at dissolving solid blockages.

Vinegar and bicarbonate soda

In some cases, you can utilise household items such as bicarbonate soda and white vinegar as a drain cleaner. Essentially, pour the bicarbonate soda into the drain followed by the vinegar. The chemical reaction which occurs between these two products produces oxygen, which cleans the inside of the pipes, helping clear any blockages. Once the mixture has been poured in the pipes, flush the pipes with hot water to clean any residue.

Caustic cleaner

Caustic chemical drain cleaners are capable of dissolving grease, hair, food and other potential blockages. They can be purchased from a local hardware stores and supermarket; however, they can be harmful to the environment and your pipe work if used excessively. These types of strong chemicals are ineffective at clearing drains with tree roots or small household items. It is imperative you protect your hands and face when using these drain cleaners, and ensure you minimise the fumes you inhale by using it in a well-ventilated area.


Sometimes you can use a plunger to fix your blocked drain. When doing so, ensure you have covered any open-ended sprouts before plunging to maximise the strength of your seal. The down-up motion of the plunger results in air pressure which can help dislodge any blockages. Unlike the other methods, plunging is most useful for solid blockages and is quite ineffective for grease-build up and mineral deposits.

Mr Emergency’s advanced drain cleaning technology


A build-up of grease is a common cause of blocked drains in home kitchens and even business. The best way to for your Mr Emergency Plumber to clear out grease from blocked pipes is with the Hydro-jet. The hydro-jet is a trailer mounted machine that works its magic in no time at all. Our Hydro-jets force a high pressure stream of water through your pipes which forces the blockage through the pipes and out so that water can flow through once more. Don’t put up with that smell any longer, you may be causing more damage to your pipework, and replacing damaged pipes can be an expensive and lengthy exercise.


In severe cases, your pipes may need full excavation. Our plumbers from Mr Emergency can isolate the location of the blockage and excavate the necessary pipe. Essentially, our plumbers will dig around the pipe and repair/replace the blocked pipe. Following this, the earth surrounding pipe can be back-filled, refurbishing your property to its original state.

Electric eel & CCTV

Mr Emergency plumbers also have access to CCTV camera and electric eel technology. The CCTV camera technology can move through your pipes and drains to locate the exact location of your blockage or any pipe damage/misalignment. You can rest assured that our professional plumbers at Mr Emergency Plumbing come well-armed and equipped to handle any job you require. Our plumbers’ electric eel tools are suitable for more severe blockages. Essentially, a rotating coil at the end of the cable spins rapidly, breaking away at most blockages until they have been cleared. Our friendly phone staff are knowledgeable and experienced in asking the right questions to ensure we can provide the right plumber for your needs.