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If you have a broken sewer pipe it is essential that you have this repaired as soon as possible by a licenced, fully trained plumber. A sewer pipe in disrepair could cause the water to flow back up into your house, this waste water may be contaminated and be very hazardous to your health and unsafe for the environment. A broken or leaking sewer pipe is classed as a plumbing emergency and there is no one better to repair or replace your damaged sewer pipes than the specialist plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing.

Broken Sewer Pipe

At Mr Emergency plumbing we understand that a plumbing emergency is actually an emergency and we will never leave you waiting around wondering when we will be there. We guarantee a same day service, within the hour* if required and we are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Our mobile workshop vans are installed with GPS tracking technology, ensuring that we can keep you informed of the exact time your plumbing professional will arrive at your home or office. Mr Emergency are your local Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney plumbers, able to attend to any home or office in all metropolitan areas.

In many instances you may not realise you have a broken or leaking sewer pipe, but damages to your sewer pipes will eventually cause a blockage, and this is usually when you realise there is a problem.

What are the signs?

  • Slow drainage issues
  • Your toilet overflows or fills up to a high level
  • Pungent odours emitting from your drains
  • Multiple fixtures become blocked at the same time
  • Gurgling noises coming from your drains
  • Water backing up in your bathtub or shower drains when your washing machine is running
  • Your toilet water level is unusually low
  • Water pooling in areas of your garden
  • Sinking or moving pavers or concrete
  • Greener patches of grass, due to the extra nutrients from a sewer pipe leak
  • Increase amount of pests or rodents on your property, attracted by the smell

Sewer pipes leak, are damaged or become blocked for many reasons. In homes built prior to 1960, galvanised pipes were usually installed, these are iron pipes with a zinc coating; the zinc coating was used as a measure to reduce corrosion. It has been found that overtime the zinc coating breaks down – causing the pipes to rust and corrode from the inside out, resulting in leaks and breakages. Galvanised pipes also have lead joints that can become weak and detached over time with the movements of shifting soils. It is also prone to become brittle with age.

Nowadays homes are usually built with more durable pipework such as PVC being used for sewer pipes. PVC is a strong, non-corrosive hard plastic that is usually not affected by foundation movements. PVC pipes may leak or break due to damage from blockages or being installed incorrectly.


Main causes for leaking, blocked or broken sewer pipe

  • Tree roots cause up to 95% of blockages in sewer pipes. If a tree root infiltrates a pipe line it will continue to grow and mix with any other debris in the pipe, causing a mass blockage, which may eventually break through the pipe as it has nowhere else to go.
  • Foreign objects being put into your toilets or drains can cause damage to your pipes. Hair, food scraps, cooking oils, sanitary napkins and even too much toilet paper can cause blockages over time. Paints or chemicals being poured into pipes is also a big contributor to corrosion issues.
  • Incorrect installation of sewer pipes can cause them to break or crack due to ground movement, always have your pipes installed or replaced by a professional plumber.
Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

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If you have a septic tank system, you need to ensure that you have these regularly maintained. Otherwise they can become damaged, causing a major health hazard on your property.

If you have, or suspect that you have, a leaking or broken sewer pipe call the emergency plumbing professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 straight away, before the problem has time to potentially get worse.

The fully qualified plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing bring with them all of the required, specialist equipment, including; CCTV cameras, electric eels and hydro-jets. This technology will allow you to have your pipes repaired or replaced in no time. We are available 24/7, offering normal rates until 7pm on weekdays.

Our trusted plumbers will always try to repair any damaged pipes before moving to the option of replacement. We will only resort to replacement of pipes if the damage to the pipework is irreparable. A replacement of pipework may also be advised if you have galvanised pipes that are reaching their used by date. Mr Emergency Plumbers are able to offer you an on-the-spot quote for any replacement work; providing you with an outstanding, affordable service that you can rely on.

Interest Free Terms

At Mr Emergency Plumbing we understand the importance of having correctly functioning pipes in your home or office. We also understand that cost can sometimes scare people into leaving a plumbing emergency for another day. This can cause more damage than is necessary, at Mr Emergency we are pleased to be able to offer you interest free terms^ on any purchases of $1,500 or above. This option may allow you to get any plumbing emergency repaired instantly and let you breathe a little easier.

Call us today on 1300 164 064 – if you have any drainage issues, think of Mr Emergency Plumbing, your emergency plumbing professionals.

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