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Excavation of DrainsThe expert plumbers and gas-fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to repair or replace all damaged pipe work on your property. We offer a reliable, efficient service that will have all of your pipes back in perfect working order and your home functioning as it should once more.

If you have a blocked or damaged pipe, the professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to utilize our specialized equipment to have this repaired or replaced in an instant, with minimal downtime or stress to you.

In the first instance we will try to clear the blockage in your pipes by using an electric drain machine (electric eel), this is a thin flexible rod with a cutter attached to the end which is inserted into your pipes. The cutter is rotated via an electric motor and able to cut out or mash through any obstacles in its path. The electric eel is only suitable for a range of up to approximately 23 meters.

For harder to reach or more stubborn blockages, especially those within sewer or stormwater drains, our qualified plumbers will use a hydro-jet machine. This is a tailer mounted high water pressure system, capable of releasing jets of water at a rate of up to 5000 psi to quickly and effectively flush out any unwanted obstacles, whilst also cleaning your pipes at the same time.

Once any clogging in your pipes has been cleared a CCTV drain camera is usually the next port of call. The CCTV camera is attached to a flexible rod, designed to be inserted into your pipes – sending a live feed to a monitor for our plumbers to be able to determine that the blockage has been fully cleared and if any damage has occurred as a result.


If your pipes have been broken or cracked due to blockages, and a repair is not viable, the next best option is to have them replaced. Leaving a broken or cracked pipe will only result in continuing blockages, leaking or flooding pipe work, leading to a much greater expense in the long run as this could cause major damage to your property.

If the CCTV camera shows that there is extensive damage to your pipes, and the only way to reach the pipes is via excavation; the specialist master plumbers and gas-fitters from Mr Emergency plumbing are the right people for the job. At Mr Emergency Plumbing we will only use an excavation method as a last resort.

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With the use of the CCTV cameras the specialist plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to identify the precise location of any damage in your pipes. Our CCTV cameras are equipped with a transmitter, allowing our plumbers to mark the location of damage and then they are able to run a receiver around your property which will pick up the signal that the transmitter is giving off – allowing them to pinpoint the exact location that excavation is required. This method enables minimal digging and ensures only the damaged area of the pipe is replaced or relined, rather than having to replace unnecessary, undamaged pipe work.

Depending on the location and depth of the pipe work that requires replacement, our trained master plumbers and gas-fitters will operate an excavator ranging in size from 1.5 – 4 ton. If excavation is required it is important that you are aware that you may require separate quotes from other independent contractors in regards to any fencing, landscaping or paving reestablishment.

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Excavation of pipe work is a last resort and if this is the only option available to repair any damaged pipe work, the plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing will be able to provide you with an on-the-spot quote for any digging works. If you are concerned about financial costs, we are proud to be able to offer you interest free terms^ on any purchases of $1,500 or above – taking any worry or stress away and enabling you to have your pipes repaired in an efficient and timely manner, before any further damage can occur.

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Having your broken pipes repaired is the best way to ensure that future blockages do not become a reoccurring factor in your home, and will save you time and money in regards to future maintenance costs.

For a reliable, trusted and quality service call on the professional plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing, we are available to attend to any plumbing disaster in all suburbs of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra & Sydney within the hour* if required.  We operate 365 days of the year, including all public holidays, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

For an excavation plumbing service that you can rely on call Mr Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064.

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