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At Mr Emergency Plumbing we are the experts when it comes to jetting your drains, using a hydrojet drain machines.

HydroJet Drain Machines

A hydro-jet, also known as a jetter, is a high pressure, trailer mounted, water pump that is inserted into your drains and pumps a jet of water at a rate of up to 5000 psi into your pipes. The force of the water spray is strong enough to efficiently clear any blockages including stubborn tree root infiltrations.

A hydrojet drain machine could be compared to a high water pressure hose that you would use to clean your car or driveway, but on a much larger scale with a significantly higher water pressure spray.

The head attachment of the hydro-jet drain machine consists of multiple outlets facing in all directions which effectively clean the pipes whilst clearing all blockages. The hydro-jet is an advanced machine able to clear out blockages that are stubborn or hard to reach, much faster than an electric eel. The hydro-jet is able to clear blockages up to 60 meters, compared to electric eels – which are usually effective only up to a depth of 23 meters.

The high pressure water spray is able to clear away all tree roots, waste, leaves, debris, foreign objects or anything that may have clogged up in your pipes, its effectiveness is such that that the pipes will be cleaned well enough to no longer see any leftover debris when using a CCTV camera to inspect all obstructions have been cleared and if any damaged was caused from the blockage.

Hydro-jet drain machines are most commonly used to clear blocked stormwater or sewer drains, as they are the most economical and environmentally friendly way to clear these stubborn blockages efficiently. Stormwater and sewer drains mainly become blocked due to leaves, debris and tree root masses. Heavy rains and storms will usually show what type of condition your stormwater drains are actually in, as the increased water flow gushes leaves and debris into the pipes; if there is already a tree root mass growing in there the pipe will quickly become blocked as it all accumulates together.

A blocked sewer or stormwater drain is classed as an emergency and needs to be attended to as soon as possible. If a blocked or flooded sewer or stormwater drain is left for too long the water will continue to flood and cause severe damage to your property, and in some instances health and environmental concerns. This water can become contaminated if pooled for too long, and damaged sewage drains have been known to contribute to hepatitis and food contamination.

Stormwater pipes mainly consist of the pipework that carries water away from your property through guttering and down pipes into the main stormwater system. This water then travels into our oceans, harbours and rivers, if a blockage occurs that creates a contamination issue and this water is then expelled into our waterways. It is easy to see how environmental and health safety becomes a concern;making it vital to have this repaired quickly.

Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

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If you notice signs of a blocked drain call Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 we can attend to your home or office within the hour* of you making your booking, in the case of an emergency. We are available in all suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane and guarantee a same day service, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We are even available to attend to all of your plumbing requirements on all public holidays, including Christmas and Easter – as these are the times when you may notice extra plumbing issues as your homes are often filled with extra family and friends using your plumbing fixtures.

The power of the hydrojet also makes it suitable for commercial properties such as hospitals and restaurants. It is recommended that these establishments jet their drains regularly to save on future high maintenance costs, as this is an effective method of quickly removing any solidified cooking oils etc.

Blockages in drains occur for a variety of reasons including; tree roots, leaves, debris, cooking oils, food scraps, sanitary napkins and other foreign objects being flushed into toilets and paints or chemicals being poured into drains – causing corrosion.

The fully trained, qualified professional plumbers and drainers from Mr Emergency Plumbing can have your drains unblocked in an instant. If an electric drain machine (electric eel) is not sufficient for the job our plumbers will be able to utilize the hydro-jet machine to great effect.

If you have a blocked stormwater or sewer drain please ensure that you advise this upon booking your plumber as in these cases the hydro-jet is the best option to use in the first instance. As our hydro-jets are trailer mounted they are not carried to each and every plumbing job, therefor it is important to request the hydro-jet to save valuable downtime in our plumber having to leave your location to collect the machine.

Interest Free Terms

Mr Emergency Plumbing is also able to offer you interest free terms^ on any purchases of $1,500 or above, taking any immediate financial worry away from you – allowing your pipes to be cleared in a prompt and reliable time frame.

Call Mr Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064 or book online and save yourself 10% off labour costs.

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