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At Mr Emergency Plumbing, we offer carbon monoxide testing for our customers. The silent nature of carbon monoxide makes it difficult to detect. Unlike other gases, it has no smell and can’t be seen in the air. Carbon monoxide forms when fuel burns inside an appliance. It is important to understand the dangers and how it could affect you. In the past decade, thousands of Australians have been admitted to hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. The symptoms of which are very similar to the flu and are hard to diagnose. It can rapidly cause vital harm to your organs by starving them of oxygen. If you are concerned seek medical help immediately. Luckily, there are measures you can take to prevent carbon monoxide from building up. At Mr Emergency Plumbing, we recommend you service your gas appliances regularly. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 164 064 or book one of our plumbers online!

  • It is important to service your appliances every two years
  • Book a carbon monoxide test
  • Check your ventilation systems regularly because a break in the vent could lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide

24/7 Service 

A carbon monoxide test will identify any faulty gas appliances that could lead to a buildup in the gas. If you have never had your home tested for carbon monoxide, we highly recommend doing so. At Mr Emergency Plumbing, our plumbers are fully qualified. They complete ongoing training to stay up to
date with the latest carbon monoxide testing advances. Our plumbers operate 24/7 and can even be there within the hour.*

Interest Free Terms

At Mr Emergency Plumbing, we also offer our customers a range of weekly and fortnightly payment plans^. They provide great flexibility and convenience for our customers. They are often approved within minutes. If you’re interested in finding out more about our payment plans, call us on 1300 164 064 or ask your plumber when they arrive.

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  • Check if natural gas is available to be installed into your home by calling your required Gas Energy Company.
  • Your Gas Energy Company will be able to advise if gas is available in your area and instruct if you currently have gas mains installed right to your home or not. If the gas mains do not reach your property they will be able to provide you with a quote to extend the mains.
  • Once you have signed and paid for the quote, you will need to organise a fully licenced gas-fitter to install a meter box on your property. Mr Emergency Plumbing is able to offer this service to you.
  • You will need to open a gas account with the Energy Company of your choice.
  • When new gas appliances are installed, the qualified gas-fitter used will issue you with a certificate of compliance – which confirms that all appliances were fitted complying to all regulations and honoring the manufacturers requirements, and that the appliances were fully tested and in fully functional order. The gas-fitter will also send this certificate of compliance to the Gas Energy Company.

For any installations, repairs or replacements of your gas pipe work, think Mr Emergency Plumbing in the first instance. We are able to offer you interest free terms^ on all purchases over $1,500 to ease any financial burdens to you. Our vans are fully stocked with all of the required parts and tools, enabling a fast, efficient and affordable service with minimal downtime to you.

For all gas pipework requirements call the trusted, professional gas-fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064 or book online and save yourself 10% off labour costs.

*Pending availability
^Terms & Conditions apply