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Have you ever organised a get together; planning to have a BBQ to top all BBQ’s, your guests are sitting around the table, laughing and chatting, you’ve prepared all of the meat and go out to light the BBQ, you turn on your LPG cylinder only to realise you have run out of gas….it’s the biggest disaster that can happen in this situation….you now have to turn around, red faced, and explain why your guests will not be smelling that sweet BBQ smell.


Convert your BBQ to natural gas and you will never have this problem again!

The expert gas-fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to convert your LPG BBQ to natural gas. This  provides you with a continuous outdoor cooking solution that will never run out or leave you red faced again.

The benefits of a natural gas BBQ:

Natural gas is one of the most popular methods in Australia today for all of our heating, cooking and hot water needs. So it makes sense to utilise this fuel for our outdoor appliances as well.

  • Natural gas is cost effective and will run at a quarter of the cost of LPG, saving you significant expense over the life of your BBQ.
  • Natural gas will also never run out, so you will never have to remember to fill up your cylinder or have to finish cooking your meat on the stove top if the LPG cylinder runs out half way during cooking.
  • Natural gas is cleaner to burn than LPG, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Installing or converting to a natural gas BBQ;

Most BBQ’s sold today are designed for use with LPG cylinders, however, conversion kits can be purchased to allow use with natural gas and there are options of BBQ’s for purchase that are already compatible to natural gas.

For a BBQ to run on natural gas it requires larger jets, thicker piping, a suitable regulator and an adjustment of pressure. BBQ’s designed for LPG cannot just be connected to a natural gas pipe or bayonet as these are two different fuel types and adjustments need to be made to ensure safety requirements.

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Never attempt to convert or install a natural gas BBQ yourself, it must be done by a qualified, registered gas-fitter or plumber; Mr. Emergency Plumbing can provide!

The plumbers and gas-fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing will be able to advise you if your current LPG BBQ can be converted to work efficiently with natural gas and also provide you with a quote in relation to the installation.

The professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to provide you with a Compliance Certificate upon completion of conversion.

It is vital that a fully licenced plumber or gas-fitter installs or coverts your natural gas BBQ. If this is done by an unlicensed third party it will void the warranty of your BBQ and also void any home insurance claims if anything goes wrong in relation to your property from incorrect installation.

The main disadvantage of a natural gas BBQ is the inability to be able to freely re-position it once connected, so thoughtful planning is required on the exact location you would like your BBQ placed. Although this is seen as a disadvantage – for many people using LPG cylinders, they rarely move their BBQ once they have positioned it.

If you already have a natural gas BBQ and notice a leak or a lack in efficiency; call Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064. We can be at your door within the hour* in emergencies and can make any repairs or replacements in regards to any natural gas issues;allowing you to be back cooking your steak before you realise it.

You should also never try to disconnect a natural gas BBQ yourself as this can be extremely unsafe; this needs to be done by a qualified, professional plumber or gas-fitter and the outlet is required to be capped upon disconnection.

Worried that the classic BBQ taste may change?

There is no need to worry – your natural gas BBQ will still produce the same mouth-watering BBQ taste that you have become accustomed to. As long as the BBQ is designed and installed correctly, by a licenced professional so it is converted to capture the same heat output there will be no difference.

The next step;

So, you have decided to convert your LPG BBQ to natural gas – all you need to do is call Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 and talk to one of our specialist plumbers or gas-fitters, we are able to advise if your current BBQ can be converted effectively to the natural gas mains, or advise on options to enable this process. We are available to come to you 24/7, including public holidays. Mr Emergency Plumbing are your local Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane & Canberra  plumbers and gas fitters.

Mr Emergency Plumbing offers a guaranteed prompt, affordable and reliable same day service that you can trust.

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