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Mr Emergency Plumbing understands the importance of getting a suspected Gas Leak seen to immediately. Which is why Mr Emergency offer an AHS emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that emergencies don’t always happen at the most convenient time, but given how dangerous a substance gas is, you just can’t put your family or business at risk by not getting any suspected Gas Leaks checked out ASAP. You can contact Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 24/7 at any time of the day or night, including all weekends and public holidays. In a gas leak emergency we will have a fully qualified gas plumber to your location within an hour* of your gas plumber booking.

Mr Emergency Plumbing is available in all metropolitan locations around Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra, Mr Emergency Plumbing can be at your door within no time at all with our SAME DAY PLUMBING service.

Gas Leaks can sometimes be unseen and undetected. This is the worst case scenario as gas is a deadly substance and without you knowing, you can be putting not only yourself, but your friends, family and workmates at serious risk by exposing them to a gas leak. If you do suspect you may have a gas leak Mr Emergency Plumbing strongly advise that you air out the area affected immediately by opening doors and windows, turn off your gas and electric appliances and move to a well ventilated outside area.

If you feel you may have been affected by the gas leak, or possible carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas appliance you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible and explain that you may have been subjected to a gas or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some of the symptoms involved with a gas leak include;

* Dizziness

* Nauseous

* A feeling of being confused

* Headache

You may find yourself in need of a Mr Emergency Gas Fitter not just in an emergency. If you require assistance in installation of new Gas appliances such as Gas hot water systems, Gas Cook tops, Gas ovens and Gas heaters. Mr Emergency Plumbing is your place to call for fast, reliable and cost effective service. Call Mr Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064.

Gas Fitting and Gas Plumbing is only a sample of what Mr Emergency plumbing can do for you. The Mr Emergency plumbers are here for you in all types of Plumbing and Gas scenarios. Whether it’s a blocked drain or pipe, clogged toilet, leaking taps, or even help and installation of a new appliance or Hot Water system, Mr Emergency have a team of trusted and qualified plumbers and gas fitters standing by and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For any gas leak repairs in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra call the reliable and prompt gas plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing 24/7, we are your gas leak repairs experts.

Testing for Gas Leaks

A gas leak can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health. If you suspect a gas leak, this is classed as an emergency and must be dealt with as soon as possible by a fully qualified, licenced gas fitter.

Testing for Gas Leaks

At Mr Emergency we can have a skilled, qualified gas-fitter to your location within an hour* when it comes to emergencies. We are your local Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Canberra plumbing and gas fitting professionals and are available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays.

Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

1300 164 064

If you suspect a gas leak you may notice signs, such as;

  • A pungent odour –natural gas has an added scent incorporated by gas suppliers. This scent has been referred to as smelling similar to rotten eggs.
  • A hissing sound –if you hear a hissing or whistling sound issuing from your gas appliance this could be the indication of a leak.
  • Health concerns –you may notice changes to your health when you have a gas heater running, such as feeling dizzy, nauseous, overly tired, weak, short of breath or developing headaches. These symptoms can be caused from a leak emitting carbon monoxide into the air, which can lead to gas poisoning.
  • Gas Flame Pilot –if your gas flame pilot light turns yellow or red, this could mean that there is a fault in your appliance; the pilot light should always be blue.
  • Environmental changes –if you notice dead patches of grass or small areas of dirt blowing around without the help of wind you may have an underground gas leak on your property.

If you notice any of the above signs you should turn off all of your gas and electrical appliances immediately, and turn them off at the mains also. Ventilate your property and call a fully licenced gas fitter – make sure you make the call from outside of the property, in a well-ventilated area, as using your telephone in a confined space filled with natural gas – could produce a spark and in turn a serious fire hazard.

Mr Emergency Plumbing should be your first port of call for any plumbing or gas emergency. Our fully trained plumbers and gas-fitters are able to repair, replace, service and install all gas appliances and are the experts in detecting gas leaks and having the pipelines repaired or replaced in an instant.

We use specialised equipment, such as a manometer to detect any gas leak or drop in pressure from your gas pipework; allowing us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

By law, all gas fitting repairs, replacements or installations must be carried out by a licenced professional – you should never attempt to carry out any gas works yourself. By doing so you could make your home extremely unsafe and gas appliances or pipework installed incorrectly can cause a severe safety hazard to your home and health.

A certificate of compliance must be issued to yourself and the Gas Energy Company, by a qualified gas-fitter, upon all installations of gas appliances. Never take the risk with gas – always call the professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 in the first instance.

The Mr Emergency Plumbing professionals are able to provide gas safety tests upon regular service of your gas appliances, or as requested by you. A gas safety check is a great way to test for any gas leaks or faulty appliances. Our skilled gas-fitters will test all gas pipework, check that all of your gas appliances are burning correctly and operating at the correct pressure, and ensure all gas vents are free of blockages and working efficiently.

If you ever have any concerns in regards to gas leaks – never delay. Call Mr Emergency Plumbing, your emergency plumbing and gas fittings professionals available to service all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra. We are always there when you need us 24/7.

Gas Leak Detection

The fully qualified gas fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing are skilled in all aspects of gas leak detection and repairs.

Testing for Gas Leaks

You may suspect a gas leak of you notice any of the following;


Natural gas has a scent added to it by the gas suppliers, commonly referred to as a sulphuric rotten egg smell. If you notice this smell in or outside of your home then you most definitely have a gas leak somewhere on your premises.

Whistling Noise from gas appliances

A whistling or hissing noise from your gas appliances is a common indicator that the appliance has a gas leak.

Gas flame colour changes

Your gas flame should be a bright blue colour – if the flame changes from blue to yellow or red, your appliance is most likely faulty and in need of repair.

Health deterioration

If you notice a decline in your health, including headaches, dizziness, nausea, extreme tiredness or weakness whenever you are operating a gas room heater – this is a good sign that too much carbon monoxide is being emitted into the air of your room (most common if you are using an un-flued gas heater).  This needs to be investigated immediately as gas poisoning may occur – young children, the elderly and those suffering a respiratory condition may be the first to become effected.

Environmental Changes

Underground gas leaks may be present if you notice patches of dying grass, bubbling water or small areas of dirt being blown for no apparent reason.

Extremely high gas bills

If you receive an extremely higher than average gas bill but have not used a comparative amount of gas, this could be an indicator of an undetected gas leak.

If you suspect a gas leak on your property, you should turn off all of your gas appliances and your gas meter. Open as many doors and windows as possible to adequately ventilate your home – do not use any powered appliances, including fans or turn on any light switches. Go outside and phone Mr. Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064. We can attend to your home or office within the hour in an emergency and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including all public holidays.

You should always have a fully qualified, professional gas fitter to attend to any gas leaks or appliance installations. Gas is an extremely hazardous and combustible substance and only a trained professional should do any repair or installation work to ensure the safety of your home and your family. An unlicensed contractor could pose a safety risk if installation is done incorrectly and also void any warranty or insurance claims. Mr. Emergency Plumbing can provide you with a skilled and highly competent gas fitter that you can trust – first time, every time.

Our trained, professional gas fitters use specialised equipment to detect any gas leaks on your property, we will inspect all of your gas appliances, test around the gas meter and outside and inspect all of your gas pipework to locate the leak, and make sure there is not more than one issue. Once the leak has been detected we are able to efficiently repair or replace any gas appliance or gas pipework.

Ways to reduce gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure;

  • If you are operating an un-flued gas room heater – ensure that the room is adequately ventilated. Make sure any air vents are not blocked or if no vents are present that a door or window is open during operation.
  • Always have your gas appliances installed by a fully licenced gas fitter. Incorrectly installed appliances are extremely prone to leaks.
  • Ensure that you have gas appliances serviced regularly by a licenced gas fitter – according to manufacturer’s instructions – this will maintain their correct working order and alert you to any problems in the process, including increased carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Never put a portable un-flued gas heater in a badly ventilated room.  It is illegal to use them in bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • Be alert to any signs of a leak and call Mr Emergency Plumbing should you suspect an issue.

We worry about gas leaks inside our homes but, in fact, most gas leaks actually occur outside of the home. Gas pipes run underground all around our properties – supplying gas to a majority of Australian homes and businesses. If you are planning to do any excavation works or landscaping on your property, no matter the size of your project, you should call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 before carrying out any works. They will be able to advise you with the cable and pipe locations present on your property to ensure any digging is carried out safely.

For an efficient gas leak detection service that is second to none – call the gas fitters from Mr. Emergency Plumbing. We are the skilled, licenced professionals and able to locate and repair all gas leaks and gas pipework. We are also the experts in the installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of any gas appliance – including gas hot water heaters, internal gas heaters, conversion of LPG BBQ’s and gas ovens and cooktops.

Call Mr. Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064

We are your local Metropolitan plumbers and gas fitters available in all metropolitan areas of Australia. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our quality service at an affordable price.