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A gas leak is an emergency and potentially life threatening if not detected and repaired as soon as possible. At Mr Emergency Plumbing we can have a fully certified gas-fitter to your home within the hour* in the case of emergencies. We are your local Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Sydney emergency plumbers and gas fitters and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including all public holidays.

Gas Leaks on Appliances

You, as the property owner, are responsible for all gas installation and repair costs relating to your property (commencing from the gas meter outlet) and should always have a fully qualified, licenced, professional gas-fitter to carry out any gas works, including:

  • Installation, servicing, repair or replacement of all gas appliances
  • Any pipework repairs from the gas meter to the appliance
  • Installation, repair or replacement of any gas flues or ducts

How to detect a gas leaks;


Natural gas is actually odourless but it has a strong scent added to it by gas suppliers so leaks can easily be detected. You may be able to ascertain where the leak is issuing from if you go near your gas appliances and smell the air around them. The pungent smell will be stronger around the appliance that is leaking. Immediately shut off the appliance.


A hissing sound coming from your appliance would indicate a gas leak, if a hissing sound is heard you should also be able to smell the gas odour along with it.

Bad Connection

If you believe you may have a bad connection in regards to your appliances being connected to the natural gas lines; there is a method where you can mix soap and water together, dip your finger in the solution and rub it onto your gas connection. If bubbles appear then you have a leak in your connection.

Gas Flame

Pilot lights and gas burner flames should always be blue; if the flame is yellow or red then this is an indication of a problem.

If you have a radiant gas heater and notice a visible flame beyond the immediate surface of the tile this could indicate a faulty appliance. Turn off the heater instantly.

Environmental changes

If you notice small patches of water or dirt being blown around in your garden but there is no wind, or areas of dying grass, these signs can indicate a gas leak.

Health changes

If you notice that you are getting dizzy, tired, nauseous, short of breath, weak or developing headaches whenever you are using your gas heater, this could mean that the heater or flue is not working correctly. These health changes could be a sign of gas poisoning relating to carbon monoxide being emitted from your heater or flue. Gas poisoning is a serious health concern for you and your family. If you notice any of these symptoms, stop using your gas heater and call a licenced, professional gas-fitter.

Gas Meter Check

If you believe you may have a gas leak but do not notice any of the above signs, you can do a gas meter reading check. Turn off all of your gas appliances, including all pilot lights; take a reading of your gas meter, do not turn any of your gas appliances back on during this time, check your gas meter again in a few hours. If the numbers have risen then there is most likely a gas leak somewhere on your property. You may have an indication of an undetected leak if you receive a higher than usual energy bill.

Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

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What should you do in the event of a gas leaks?

If you have detected a gas leak on your property you should follow the steps below;

  • Turn off all of your gas and electrical appliances, including all pilot lights
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate your property
  • Turn off your main gas supply and electricity at their meters
  • Call Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 to have a fully qualified gas-fitter at your property within the hour*. (You should not use your phone around a gas leak – it is best to call from outside or in a well-ventilated area)
  • If the smell is extremely strong and persistent, you should call 000 and evacuate the area.

What should you NEVER do in the event of a gas leaks?

  • Never look for the source of a gas leak with an open flame or other ignition source
  • Do not smoke or light matches in or around the property
  • Do not switch lights on or off, use a telephone, use any electrical appliances or use a fan to try to ventilate the area. Any of these could cause a spark which could ignite a gas fire.
  • Never try to fix the leak yourself, unless you are a fully qualified gas-fitter!
  • Do not re-enter your home until you have been advised it is safe to do so by a licenced gas-fitter.

Gas safety:

There are many things you can do to help prevent the cause of gas leaks or fire hazards in or on your property, including;

  • Regular servicing of your gas appliances, according to manufacturers guidelines, by a licensed professional. This will keep your appliances well maintained and greatly prevent the risk of gas leaks.
  • Avoid build-ups of fat in your ovens or on your stove tops by cleaning them regularly.
  • Turn off gas heaters before going to sleep or leaving the house.
  • Keep all flammable materials away from burners and do not spray aerosols around gas appliances which are in operation.
  • Never use outside gas appliances indoors.
  • Only used licensed gas-fitters for any installation, repair or maintenance works in regards to all gas appliances and leaks.
  • Only use certified gas appliances.
  • Never block or cover permanent gas ventilation outlets.
  • Know your gas – natural gas appliances are not designed to work with LPG and vice versa. It can be extremely dangerous to operate an appliance with the incorrect fuel source.

The more you know about natural gas and what to look out for, the quicker you can respond if you notice any problems. If you suspect a gas leak on your appliances call Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064. We are the specialists when it comes to servicing, leak detection, repairs and pipe replacements in regards to your homes gas requirements.

The fully licensed gas-fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing are also able to issue you with a certificate of compliance upon completion of all gas works, which ensures all work has been carried out correctly.

In an emergency you want a professional – look no further than Mr Emergency Plumbing for a trusted. We offer a reliable service with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.