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For a reliable AquaMAX continuous flow hot water heater supply and installation or repair or service contact the plumbing professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing any time of the day or night. Our 24/7 plumbers are here to assist you with a prompt one hour* emergency call out service in an emergency and a same day plumbing service in non-emergency plumbing situations. Covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth – we have a local plumber near you NOW! If you are dreaming about a new AquaMAX continuous flow hot water heater installation but your finances aren’t right at the moment – dream no more. Mr Emergency Plumbing provides NO INTERST EVER payment plans* with only a 10% deposit required. So why not have that new hot water heater installed TODAY and pay us off over 12 or even 18 months?

Aquamax Continuous Flow

AquaMAX Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater Information;

Reliability is the key word when it comes to an AquaMAX continuous flow water heater.

You can rely on AquaMAX because of their excellent understanding of Australian conditions and the typical lifestyles of Australian families, including their hot water demands! With this extensive knowledge behind them, AquaMAX has developed energy efficient products to suit.

Mr Emergency Plumbing has a great range of AquaMAX products to offer and can provide you with specialist advice as to which is right for you.

For example, a tank-type storage water heating system is not appropriate for every family. Mr Emergency Plumbing has experience with changing trends and popular environmentally friendly hot water heating systems. If you need energy efficient water heating without the bulkiness of a tank-type storage system, the AquaMAX continuous flow water heater with its compact styling is a great option for providing an ongoing, instantaneous, supply of hot water to your home.

AquaMAX continuous flow hot water heaters come in 2 sizes, the AquaMAX 20 and the AquaMAX 26.

The name is taken from the flow rate (the amount of litres per minute delivered at 25° rise). The AquaMAX 20 delivers 20L per minute and the AquaMAX 26 delivers 26L per minute.

Both run on natural/LPG gas and provide pre-set temperature options at 50° or 60° C.

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They each have a 5 Star Gas Energy rating with the AquaMAX 26 slightly better at a 5.2 rating.

Hot water demand wise, the AquaMAX 20 is suited to households with 1 or 2 bathrooms, whereas the AquaMAX 26 is better for households that require that little bit extra from their hot water heating system. For example, if your home has 2 bathrooms, a laundry and dishwasher all requiring hot water, you would be better off with the larger model.

The physical footprint of each is quite similar as our comparison table show:

AquaMAX 20AquaMAX 26
Height (including wall mount brackets)592 mm647 mm
Width350 mm350 mm
Depth163 mm205 mm

AquaMAX stand by the reliability of their products and they provide a 10 year heat exchanger warranty for their AquaMAX continuous flow hot water heaters.

Energy conscious consumers will also be pleased to know that AquaMAX continuous flow water heaters are solar compatible, so you can have your continuous flow water heater installed and later upgrade to an AquaMAX gas boosted solar system should you wish to upgrade to a solar powered hot water heater. Or talk to us about having your current solar powered hot water heater newly equipped with an AquaMAX gas boosted unit to ensure that you will have hot water come rain, hail or shine.

For further enquiries on the AquaMAX range of water heating systems including installation, contact Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064.

The Mr Emergency Plumbing professionals are available 24/7 – we also have weekend plumbers and plumbers who work on public holidays available to you around the clock. With Mr Emergency Plumbing you will never be without cold water – we will be with you within an hour* of your plumber booking in a 24/7 plumbing or gas emergency.

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