Aquamax Gas Hot Water

Aquamax Gas Hot WaterAquaMAX gas hot water heaters are built tough to last and withstand the harsh Australian climate. If you are in the market for an AquaMAX gas hot water heater or require a repair or replacement of your existing AquaMAX gas hot water heater contact Mr Emergency Plumbing today on 1300 164 064 for a SAME DAY plumbing service guaranteed. Should you experience problems with your AquaMAX gas hot water heater call us anytime of the day or night we have Ahs plumbers available 24/7, including all weekends and public holidays. In a hot water emergency we will have a reliable and affordable hot water plumber to your location within an hour* of your plumber booking. No matter where you reside in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra or Perth Mr Emergency Plumbing covers all metropolitan suburbs and are your AquaMAX gas hot water professionals.

Mr Emergency Plumbing has the know-how to help you decide which AquaMAX gas hot water system is right for you.

Firstly, you can speak with a Mr Emergency Plumbing AquaMAX professional about whether the gas continuous flow or gas storage option best suits your lifestyle. Then it’s time to decide which model in the range is appropriate for your family size and budget.

Here is some introductory information to start you off. If any questions cross your mind as you’re reading just give one of the Mr Emergency Plumbing AquaMAX professionals a call on 1300 164 064 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Continuous Flow – AquaMAX Gas Hot Water Heaters

These heating systems are energy efficient and compact in size. They can conveniently be mounted to an external wall or recessed in a box. (The recess box is not standard with the unit and must be purchased separately).

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As they’re compact in size, continuous flow AquaMAX gas hot water heaters are suited for locations where installation space is limited. If you’re thinking of installing in a restricted space you’ll need to be aware of flue clearance regulations. Never fear, Mr Emergency Plumbing has all the information you need.

Continuous flow AquaMAX gas hot water heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit, starting up only when a tap is turned on and shutting down as soon as the tap is turned off. This saves on energy when compared to tank-type water heaters.

The AquaMAX gas hot water continuous flow units are up to 6 Star Energy rated and they’re backed by a 10 year heat exchanger warranty. Mr Emergency Plumbing can provide full warranty conditions.

Gas Storage – AquaMAX Gas Hot Water Heaters

The AquaMAX Gas storage units come in 3 sizes; 270L, 340L and 390L. Water is stored at a higher temperature than standard water heaters because of the quality stainless steel cylinders from which AquaMAX Gas storage heaters are made.

These energy efficient storage units are 5 Star Energy rated and are mains pressure. This means you can run multiple taps at the same time and not be compromised for pressure level.

The AquaMAX 270L Gas storage water heater boasts the latest burner technology so not only is it compact, it’s even more efficient.

You’ll be pleased with the warranty terms too. The AquaMAX gas hot water storage units come with a 10 year cylinder warranty. Mr Emergency Plumbing can provide full warranty conditions.

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