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AquaMAX Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based manufacturer of Hot Water Heaters. Established in 1988, AquaMAX have a long history with Water Heaters in Australian homes and business. In 1992, AquaMAX proudly released the production of their first 5 star, 10 year warranty heater and successfully sold over 100, 000 units sold within its first 6 years.

Aquamax Hot Water Reviews

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AquaMAX has since made an amazing commitment to offer Australians only 5 Star Energy Rated Gas water heaters establishing themselves as a leader in design and energy efficiency within the hot water industry.

The following after sales and service comments were provided as part of an anonymous survey we carried out for our “AquaMAX hot water review”.

“The stainless steel tank in the AquaMAX can withstand high temperatures. I won’t buy anything other than stainless steel so that was a real selling point for the AquaMAX as far as I’m concerned”.

“I did my research before buying and conducted my own “independent review”, but in the end I bought another AquaMAX. The original AquaMAX we had lasted 12 years and we thought that was a pretty good life for a hot water heater.”

“We had our AquaMAX for 15 years before it broke down. I didn’t even bother looking at any other brand.”

“We spoke to our builder about which hot water heater was being installed in our holiday beach house and we insisted on changing to an AquaMAX G390SS. I guess it depends on the water quality in the area where you’re building but in general, stainless steel doesn’t rust, so that was important to us. Plus I had read up on hot water reviews and I kept seeing AquaMAX getting great reviews.”

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Mr Emergency Plumbing stocks the AquamaxG390SS hot water heater as well as other hot water heaters in the AquaMAX range. If you would like more information on which model is right for you, give us a call on 1300 164 064.

If you’d like to do an AquaMAX hot water review of your own, check out their website at AquaMAX.

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