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BOSCH HOT WATER SERVICE REPAIRSYou know you are receiving a top of the range water heater when you choose a Bosch hot water heater. Bosch are a competitive leader in the hot water industry and with over 127 years of technological advancement you can trust that you are purchasing a reliable, durable and long lasting hot water system when you choose Bosch. Mr Emergency Plumbing can assist with all of your Bosch hot water heater requirements – from the supply and installation of a new Bosch hot water heater or the repair, servicing or replacement of your current Bosch hot water heater. Our gas fitting and plumbing experts are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering a same day plumbing service in all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and Canberra and, in a hot water emergency can be with you within an hour* of your call.

Bosch are known as the masters in continuous flow hot water heaters and have the largest range of these tankless hot water systems available.

Their hot water heater range includes:

  • 32 SERIES

With so many choices it can become challenging to know which hot water heater is right for you – this is where Mr Emergency Plumbing can help. Being the Bosch hot water heater specialists we know the capabilities and performance requirements of each model and we are able to discuss with you, and provide a free, no obligation, quote for the supply and installation of your new Bosch hot water heater.

It is imperative that you choose the right hot water heating system to suit your hot water heating demands – you should never scrimp when it comes to water heating, this is one of the most important household items that you will need to purchase and you want to get it right the first time. Choosing the wrong sized hot water heater based solely on price, could lead to higher energy bills, frequent cold showers and then a replacement to a correctly sized system – why waste all of this money and energy? Let Mr. Emergency help you get it right from the start and why not take advantage of our NO INTEREST EVER payment plans*?

Here is a basic run down of the Bosch hot water heater range to provide a basis for your decision process;

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The highflow range is well suited for homes with 1-3 bathrooms. These tankless and compact hot water heaters are extremely energy efficient with high star ratings of 5.5 or above. The sizes available are 17L, 21L and 26L and all models are available with optional temperature controlled remote controllers.

The optional temperature controllers allow you to pre-set your preferred water temperatures for different areas within your home – reducing the risk of scalding to young children, the mobility impaired or the elderly.

With mixer taps being so popular these days and commonly left on the hot setting you can see how easy it is for a child to want to play with this shiny object – one flick of the mixer tap left on a hot setting, by a child, could result in serious burns. If you have a temperature remote controller you reduce this risk immensely by having your water temperatures set at a much safer level. The other benefits include only having to turn on one tap to reach your desired water setting rather than fiddling back and forth with the hot and cold taps and the Bosch range includes an automatic water shut off feature, meaning that you can fill up your bathtub and the running water will automatically switch off when it has reached your pre-set water level.


For the environmentally conscious the Bosch condensing range is a must and these units have won awards for their environmentally friendly efficiency. These Bosch hot water heaters utilise advanced condensing technology and are over 90% energy efficient with 6 star and above energy ratings.

There are two sizes available – a 26L and a 32 L and both are compatible with LPG or natural gas.


For the home with a high hot water demand the 32 Series is sure to suit. There are two models available the 32 and the 32Q. Both models run on either LPG or natural gas and both deliver 32 litres of hot water per minute. The difference between the two is that the 32Q circulates the water using an internal pump and comes with a temperature remote controller as standard.


The Bosch internal compact can be installed internally (with a flue for gas ventilation). These attractive, compact Bosch hot water heaters are best suited for smaller homes or units with the sizes available being 10L, 13L or 16L water flow rates per minute.


As the name suggests, this externally installed hot water heater uses hydropower rather than electricity to heat the water. A small turbine is used which automatically ignites the burner when you turn your hot water tap on – so no electricity is required.

The Hydropower range is suitable for smaller homes with up to 2 bathrooms with sizes of 10L, 13L and 16L flow rates per minute, they are compatible with natural gas or LPG and backed by large warranties.


These economical Bosch hot water heaters are available in 10L or 16L flow rates per minute. They are extremely economical and there is no need for electricity for these systems to operate. They are compact and designed for external installation.

As you can see the Bosch hot water heater range has you covered no matter your preference or size requirement in a hot water system.

For further information about the Bosch hot water heater range, or to arrange the supply and installation of a new system, contact your reliable, affordable and fully qualified Mr Emergency plumber on 1300 164 064. If you already know the hot water heater that you want – book your plumber online and save 10% off labour costs.

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