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CHROMAGEN HOT WATER SERVICE REPAIRSFor all of your Chromagen hot water requirements call upon the experts from Mr Emergency Plumbing 24/7. No hot water, not enough hot water, or if you would just like to upgrade to a more efficient and economical hot water system call Mr Emergency Plumbing, any time of the day or night, any day of the week – including all public holidays and weekends for a prompt and reliable plumbing service covering Adelaide, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Canberra.

At Mr Emergency Plumbing you can rest assured that we are the Chromagen hot water heater specialists able to repair, replace or newly install your solar powered, heat pump or gas Chromagen hot water system.

If you are in the market for a new hot water heater you should take a look at the benefits of the Chromagen hot water brand. Chromagen is a proud Australian manufacturer of hot water heaters, with a massive focus on being environmentally friendly and sustainable with no lack in quality or reliability. Chromagen is a world leader providing outstanding performance and exceptional value from their energy efficient hot water heaters – solar powered, heat pump and gas systems.


Take advantage of the sun, install a Chromagen solar powered hot water heater and slash your water bills along with your consumption of greenhouse gases. Chromagen solar hot water heaters have been around for over 50 years, so you can trust that you are receiving quality, reliability and durability when you choose a Chromagen solar hot water system.

Why should you install a solar powered hot water heater?

  • Solar powered hot water heating can provide up to 90% of your hot water requirements
  • Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills
  • Reliable hot water 24/7, come rain, hail or shine when coupled with a solar powered booster
  • Eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates (eligibility criteria apply)
  • Secure your financial future and reduce the cost of living
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit residential or commercial applications

The Chromagen solar powered hot water range includes ground mounted and roof mounted systems, with varying tank sizes and options in thermal collectors and solar powered boosters.


The Chromagen split system (ground mounted) solar hot water heaters consist of storage tank located on ground level with the thermal collectors mounted on the roof. This design provides flexibility by reducing the load on your roof structure and allows for a more visually aesthetic roof top appearance.

The Chromagen ground mounted range is available with open-loop or closed-loop tank configurations making them suitable for frost-prone or hard water areas, are available in varying tank sizes and suitable with either gas or electric solar boosting. Built to withstand the tough, ever-changing, Australian climate conditions these tanks and collectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards.

SplitLine Systems

The SplitLine solar hot water heaters are available in options of 200, 300 or 400 litre tank capacities, with the choice of either flat plate or evacuated tube solar collectors and either a 6 star energy rated gas or electric solar booster.

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SmartLine Systems

For an environmentally friendly water heater the Chromagen SmartLine 200 litre gas-boosted solar water heater offers great value and convenience.

This model is a unique open-loop ground mounted system that is compact and attractive in design. The 6 star energy efficient gas continuous flow booster is securely integrated and fastened to the rear mounting spine making it theft-resistant, for extra peace of mind. The SmartLine was manufactured with the plumber and builder in mind incorporating a pre-fitted pump station to ensure easy installation, saving you time and money.

Chromagen SplitLine and SmartLine Solar Powered Hot Water Features:

  • Ground mounted tank with roof-mounted thermal collectors
  • Thermal collectors are available in 2 or 3 flat plate collectors or evacuated tube thermal collectors (depending on site application)
  • Visually appealing rooftop appearance and rooftop load reducing
  • 200, 300 or 400 litre tank varieties
  • Gas or electric solar boost options
  • The 200L SmartLine has an integrated 6 star energy efficient Eternity gas booster

For more information on the Chromagen SplitLine or SmartLine solar hot water systems, or for a no obligation free quote, call the experts from Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064.


The Chromagen RoofLine close-coupled solar hot water heater consists of the tank and thermal collectors mounted together on the roof. Rather than using an electric pump to circulate the water to the tank, as with the split-system design, the close-coupled solar hot water heater utilises a thermosiphon method to circulate the hot water from the collectors to the tank. The close-coupled systems are ideal when there is limited ground space available.

Chromagen’s RoofLine systems come with two high quality flat plate collectors, available in either BlackMax or EcoBlue. The BlackMax provide performance and economy and are one of the most durable and highly efficient thermal collectors available today. The premium EcoBlue collectors are derived from the latest in coating technology “Blue Sputter”. They provide the maximum thermal absorption properties whilst minimising any heat loss – providing you with ultimate efficiency. Due to the advanced EcoBlue collectors, Chromagen can offer a single-panel system to allow for convenience if required.

The RoofLine system storage tanks are available in 200 and 300 litre capacities, and the tanks as well as the thermal collectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards. Available in either open-loop or closed-loop configurations, suitable for frost-prone or hard water areas, and can be fitted with either a 6 star energy rating gas booster or electric auxiliary boosting, guaranteeing you to have hot, steamy water 24/7.

To find out more about the Chromagen RoofLine close-coupled solar hot water system contact Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064, covering Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.


Rather than using the sun to heat your water, a heat pump harvests the ambient air to heat your water and, in doing so, reduces your water heating energy consumption by up to 65% (compared to a conventional electric water heater) providing you with continuous hot water 24/7, as and when you need it.

A heat pump is an excellent replacement for an energy consuming electric hot water heater, where gas is not available and solar panels are not feasible, and has been known to produce savings of up to $560 per annum (when compared to an electric hot water heater).

Chromagen heat pump hot water benefits:

  • Reduce your power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Still be able to harvest free renewable energy, when solar panels are not an option
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 65% when compared to an electric hot water heater
  • Easy replacement for an electric storage hot water heater due to the same footprint design
  • Eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates (eligibility criteria apply)

Chromagen offer two heat pump models – the HP170 and the HP280. As a heat pumps performance is based on the ambient temperature of where you reside, you do need to factor in that recovery times in Queensland (for example) will be much faster than recover times in Tasmania. Due to this, factoring in a moderate climate, the HP170 can provide hot water for a home of up to 4 residents, and would adequately suit a small to medium sized dwelling; where the HP280 provides a larger storage and heating capacity making it suitable for larger homes with higher hot water demands.

For more information regarding the Chromagen heat pump hot water heaters, and to discuss which model would be suitable for your home and location talk to an expert from Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064. Mr Emergency Plumbing can also provide you with a free, no obligation, quote for the supply and installation of your new Chromagen heat pump.


For 24/7 hot water, on demand, that will never run cold consider a Chromagen gas hot water heater.


The Eternity range of continuous flow hot water heaters are tankless, instantaneous hot water systems heating your water ‘on demand’. They are compact and wall-mounted and ideal for limited space, able to be applied with either reticulated gas or bottled LPG. This range can also act as a solar powered hot water booster.

These 6 star energy efficient hot water systems provide advanced technology, reliability and an instant, endless supply of hot water 24/7.

There are two models available;

The Chromagen Eternity T20 is suitable for smaller homes with up to 2 bathrooms. The Eternity T26 is for larger homes, with up to 3 bathrooms with a higher hot water demand. Their Eternity range is also available in configurations to suit larger-scale commercial applications.

Both models are available with optional temperature remote controllers. These remote controllers are an added safety feature, allowing you to pre-set your desired hot water temperatures for the different areas within your home (bathroom, ensuite, laundry and kitchen) greatly reducing the risk of scalding to young children, the elderly and mobility impaired, whilst also providing the added convenience and water saving feature of only needing to turn on one tap – rather than fiddling with the hot and cold taps – to reach your preferred hot water setting.


The Chromagen SUMO1 gas hot water heater is a combination of a water storage tank with an integrated 6 star rated continuous flow 26L per minute gas hot water heater. This design allows for large volumes of heated water over short periods of time making it ideal for larger private residences with multiple bathrooms or commercial properties such as restaurants or caravan parks.

The SUMO1 is connected to the mains pressure so you are assured to have the strongest flow of hot water available, and with the integrated continuous flow booster you will never run out of hot water. The booster maintains the water temperature in either the 300 or 400 litre storage tank delivering at a set temperature of 60°C. Best of all the SUMO1 is quite compact, easy to install and 100% solar compatible.

For further information on any of the Chromagen hot water heaters available contact your local Mr Emergency plumber on 1300 164 064.

When you contact Mr Emergency Plumbing you are guaranteed a same day service, within the hour* in an emergency, 24/7. Covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

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