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RHEEM HOT WATER SERVICE REPAIRSIf you want water that comes on ‘steady, hot and strong’ then you need Rheem hot water. If you want Rheem hot water then you need Mr Emergency Plumbing. We are your hot water experts when it comes to the supply, installation, repair or replacement of your  hot water system – solar powered, gas storage, continuous flow, electric storage or heat pump units. We have local 24/7 plumbers available to you covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane or Sydney. For a guaranteed SAME DAY plumbing service and a one hour* arrival time in an emergency call the professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 no matter the time of the day or night. Our after-hours plumbers are ready and waiting 24 hours a day, including all weekends and public holidays to help with all of your Rheem hot water requirements.

Rheem is a well-known and major player in the hot water industry. They offer a large range of domestic hot water systems to suit the smallest apartment through to the largest of homes.

The Rheem hot water range includes;

If you are looking for a new Rheem hot water heater, or require a replacement hot water system and are not sure which model or fuel source would provide the most benefit to your home or office Mr Emergency Plumbing can help.

When it comes to a new or replacement hot water heater, the team from Mr Emergency are asked many questions – here are just a couple that may help with your decision process;

Q. I currently have a Rheem hot water heater that requires replacing, should I just get the same sized replacement unit?

A. This depends on many factors. The Rheem hot water heater that you currently have may no longer meet your hot water heating demands, especially if your family has grown over the years. If you have been noticing that your hot water is not lasting as long as it used too, it may be time to upgrade to a larger model. You should also look at the fuel source that you are using – if you have an old Rheem electric storage hot water heater, there may be an alternative fuel sourced hot water heater available to you (such as solar powered, gas or a heat pump) that you may find will be more energy efficient and will reduce your energy bills going forward.

You should also look at how you use your hot water, if you have had a dishwasher installed since having your existing hot water heater, or you seem to be doing more clothes washing etc. a bigger sized unit may be a better option.

Q. Which hot water heating fuel source would be right for me – solar powered, electric, gas or heat pump?

A. Rheem hot water heaters are available for all fuel sources but there are things you need to consider with each option to get the most out of your hot water heater

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Electric storage heaters were popular back in the days but with technological advancements and a focus on climate change, it has been noted how much energy these hot water heaters can consume. Due to their high intensive greenhouse gas emissions many electric storage hot water heaters are being phased out across mainland Australia – your Mr Emergency Plumbing expert will be able to advise on if an electric hot water heater is viable in your area.  Find out more about the Rheem electric storage hot water heaters here.


Rheem manufacture a wide range of gas continuous flow or gas storage hot water heaters.  The Rheem gas hot water heater range are all extremely efficient hot water systems and all have high energy star ratings. When you are considering a gas hot water heater you need to ensure that you have access to reticulated natural gas or otherwise look at LPG options – many of the Rheem gas hot water heaters are compatible with both natural gas and LPG. If you have access to gas your next decision is a storage tank or a Rheem tankless instantaneous hot water heater? look at your storage options, do you have room for a tank on your property? Both models have their advantages depending on your needs – you can find more about each option on our  gas hot water page.


Solar powered hot water is becoming increasingly popular and Rheem offer an attractive range of either roof mounted or ground mounted solar hot water heaters. When considering solar powered hot water you need to ensure there is access on your roof for the solar collector panels to be mounted in an unshaded area – solar powered panels work best when facing north. You should also think about if you will need frost protection – what is your climate like? And if you are looking at a roof mounted (thermosiphon) system, you need to check if your roof will need to be reinforced to handle the extra weight. Along with the above you should also consider a gas or electric solar powered booster to ensure you have hot water 24/7 even when the sun fails to shine. Mr Emergency Plumbing can discuss in detail the benefits of a Rheem solar powered system and if one is suitable for your property. Read more on solar hot water heating.


A heat pump is an excellent alternative to an electric storage hot water heater or as an option if a solar powered hot water heater is not able to be installed on your property. These units are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly and use the ambient air outside (rather than the sun) to heat the water stored in a tank ready for when you require it. The issues you should think about regarding a heat pump: is my climate suitable for the unit I am looking at? And, how quiet is the system? Mr Emergency Plumbing can advise you further in relation to Rheem heat pumps, just give us a call on 1300 164 064.

The above is just a brief explanation in regards to the Rheem hot water heater range – Mr Emergency Plumbing can answer any query you may have about a Rheem hot water heater. We understand that the huge choice of options available can quickly becoming overwhelming – let us come to you and discuss all options with you in detail for the best hot water heater to suit your property and your hot water heating demands. Getting it right from the start will save you a lot of expense in the long run.

Our plumbing professionals will gladly assist in providing detailed and informative advice for your new Rheem hot water heater. We take into account how you use your hot water in terms of showers, using the dishwasher, or how many times you would hand wash your dishes, and also factor in if you use warm water for clothes washing as well as how many people reside in your home and the size of your home. Along with this we determine which fuel source would provide the optimum hot water requirements for your needs and which system would be the most cost effective for you in the long run. You may be surprise how much money you can save off of your energy bills just by using an alternative, economical, fuel source such as gas, solar power or a heat pump.

Should you require a new or replacement hot water heater but are worried about the expense – talk to our plumbing experts about our NO INTEREST EVER payment plans* all you require is a 10% deposit to have your hot water heater installed TODAY and then pay us off through monthly instalments – simple and stress free.

Should your current Rheem hot water system require a repair or a replacement part call Mr Emergency Plumbing on 1300 164 064 we will provide you with a prompt and reliable plumbing service 24/7.

For all of your hot water heater needs in metropolitan Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Canberra – call your local, reliable, affordable and fully qualified plumbers from Mr. Emergency.

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