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For a top quality hot water heater from a leading manufacturer talk to Mr Emergency Plumbing for the supply and installation of your new or replacement Rheem continuous flow hot water heater. Mr Emergency Plumbing provide repairs and maintenance services for all Rheem continuous flow hot water systems and if you require a replacement or new Rheem continuous flow hot water installation we can supply and install with quality workmanship guaranteed. Our professional and reliable hot water plumbers can supply and install, repair or replace your Rheem continuous flow hot water heater whether you are in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth – we cover all metropolitan suburbs. The Mr Emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays, we provide a SAME DAY plumbing service guaranteed. In a hot water plumbing emergency we will be at your door within an hour* of your booking.

Rheem Continuous Flow


For instantaneous hot water that comes on steady, hot and strong and never runs out you need a Rheem continuous flow hot water heater.

Rather than heating and storing water until needed, a Rheem continuous flow hot water heater heats and delivers hot water on demand. We are talking hot water as you need, for as long as you need it.

That’s right – you will never run out of hot water – EVER!

The Rheem continuous flow range is available in sizes from 12L-27L per minute flow rates, so there is an option to suit a small 1 bedroom flat through to a large home with up to 3 bathrooms.

There are so many reasons to choose a Rheem continuous flow hot water heater. Here are 15 of the best;

  1. 6 Star energy efficiency rating which means you are reducing your carbon footprint and saving money in the process.
  2. A variety of capacities to suit every size home and family.
  3. Rheem has 70 years of experience in Australia. Rheem knows what suits Australian family lifestyles.
  4. 10 year Rheem warranty.
  5. You needn’t worry about what might happen should your heater overheat. The Rheem continuous flow hot waterheater has Flamesafe® overheat protection, automatically shutting down your heater before overheating can occur.
  6. Should you require additional capacity, you can link two Rheem units to act as one and have up to 54L per minute with Rheem EZ LINK®.
  7. Does your household use multiple taps at the same time? Rheem continuous flow hot waterheaters have the Rheem Q Factor™ which means rapid hot water every time, regardless of the demand, and without the fluctuation in temperature.
  8. Peace of mind regarding your family’s safety. Electronic control means reliable water temperature, accurate water temperature, and a reduced risk of accidental scalding.
  9. Electronic remote temperature controllers provide accurate setting to the degree Celsius. You choose the ideal and safest temperature for your bathroom and kitchen.
  10. Solar ready! The Rheem70ºC capable models are compatible with solar systems without the need for special fittings.
  11. Should you choose, you can have a factory pre-set 50ºCmodel supplying hot water adjustable to a maximum of 50ºC at your tap.
  12. Full technical support is available.
  13. The compact size of the Rheem continuous flow hot waterheater makes it suitable for installation in every size dwelling. Mounted to the wall and taking up less space, they can also be neatly hidden away with matching colour pipe covers and recess boxes to set into the wall.
  14. Available to suit either Natural Gas or Propane.
  15. Internal models available with a matched flue system.

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