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Rheem is Australia’s favourite and most trusted name when it comes to hot water systems. Since 1939 when it first began making water heaters in Australia, generations of Australian families have relied on Rheem for water that is steady, hot and strong.

Rheem Solar Hot Water

Rheem has always been at the forefront of innovative measures and this is once again proven by their 25-plus-years developing solar and renewable energy water heating technologies.

Australia’s ample supply of sunlight makes it the perfect place to take advantage of solar powered hot water heating. Because Rheem solar hot water heaters absorb and use free energy from the sun to heat the water, they feature much lower emissions than other forms of water heating that rely on burnt fossil fuels for energy.

And for those days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds or when hot water is required at night, Rheem solar hot water heaters come with electric or gas boosting.

Rheem solar hot water heaters are designed in Australia for the harshest of conditions, from the extreme freezing cold to the hottest of hot climate zones. They are energy efficient, using up to 70% less energy than an electric water heater which in turn saves the consumer money. Plus, solar systems save up to 3.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Solar water heaters come in both roof and ground mounted forms to suit various applications with systems ranging in size from 160 to 410 litres. For all weather protection Mr Emergency Plumbing recommends the Rheem Premier® Loline series featuring unique, drain-back heat exchange technology that prevents the solar system from freezing, or overheating during weather extremes.

The Australian government recognises the environmental benefits to solar hot water heating and provides some rebates and assistance.

By installing a Rheem solar hot water heater you may be eligible for a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. Additionally, Northern Territory households may be eligible for up to $1,000 with the Solar Hot Water Retrofit Rebate for replacing an electric storage hot water system with a new Rheem solar hot water system.

In a nutshell, a Rheem solar hot water heater is great for the environment and very economical to run. Why wouldn’t you want one?

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