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With an extensive range of hot water systems to suit the needs of any household or business, Rinnai is a competitive player in the hot water system industry within Australia. Rinnai hot water is available in a range of options from continuous flow hot water, electric storage, gas storage, solar powered, solar powered boosters or heat pumps and Mr Emergency can help you find the best Rinnai hot water solution for you. Our range of qualified and trusted plumbers are standing by and ready to take your call on 1300 164 064.

Rinnai Hot Water Reviews

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Looking for Rinnai hot water reviews?

Here is what some Mr Emergency customers have had to say on Rinnai Hot Water Systems.

Rinnai Hot Water Reviews on Infinity 26 Enviro Unit:

  • Love this unit. We had it installed with 2 remote controllers, set to 40 degree on shower and 50 degree on kitchen. The cold water doesn’t need to be turned on to adjust temperature, and so we don’t need to worry about the children being scalded. We have saved on our water and gas bill.
  • I’ve had a Rinnai Infinity 26 for about a year and I’ve not any problems. I recommend getting a temperature controller in the bathroom and if you have a bath it’s worth getting the deluxe bathroom controller.
  • I think Rinnai is a well made unit. I’ve had Rinnai hot water heaters at other houses I’ve lived and there was never an issue, so it was natural for me to turn to Rinnai when we were building our own home. We chose the Infinity 26 and we’re happy with it. We also inherited a Rinnai with our investment property so its been Rinnai all round for me.
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Rinnai Hot Water Reviews on Hotflo 315L:

  • This Rinnai is great and extremely reliable. I prefer electric to gas. It’s just a personal thing – I don’t like the idea of gas fumes! The customer support from Rinnai has been good too. I called them because we had installation issues through the company we bought it from, and they helped us over the phone. Very knowledgeable technicians.
  • We did our research before buying our hot water heater. We decided on a Rinnai because we trust the name and the Hotflo 315L ticked all the boxes – the most important being large capacity for our large family. We give it a real thrashing and it just keeps on going.
  • Can’t complain really. The 315L is more than what we need but I suppose it’s better to have too much than not enough, especially when it comes to hot water. We’ll never run out, that’s for sure. We were happy with the price.”

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