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Vulcan Gas Storage

Vulcan have two models of external gas storage hot water heaters available – a 135 litre, suited for home of 2-4 people and a 170 litre, suited for a home of 3-5 people.  Vulcan storage tanks are comprised of a steel jacket and enamelled steel tank. Both models run on natural gas or LPG through mains pressure.  Vulcan offers a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the cylinder, with 3 years cylinder labour and 1 year warranty on additional parts and labour. Vulcan gas storage tanks have a 4 star energy efficiency rating.

A gas storage tank stores the water, and pre-heats it ready for you when you need hot water. A gas storage tank is run through your street’s water main – allowing the highest flow of water possible to your home and this also means there will be no drop in pressure if multiple hot water taps are used simultaneously.

In some states, South Australia being an example, there are requirements in regards to the type of hot water heaters that can be installed into homes; one of these requirements is that a gas storage water heater run on mains pressure must have at least a 5 star energy efficiency rating.

It is advised to check your states government websites to research if there are any state rules or requirements in place in regards to installing a new gas storage hot water system, or ask the professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing.

If your state has strict laws on the energy efficiency ratings of gas storage water heaters, there are some exceptions from the requirements, allowing a gas storage hot water heater to be installed which is under the 5 star rating, if;

  • The water heater is meant for non-residential premises, such as a commercial premises, school, shop, office building etc.
  • The water heater is only being used in relation to a shed, garage or swimming pool.
  • The water heater is shared between multiple units or apartments.
  • A repair is required to an existing water heater or a replacement required under warranty.
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