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Mr Emergency Plumbing are the experts to call regarding any servicing, repair or installation needs of any type or brand of electric hot water heaters. We are available in all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney & Brisbane, ready to be at your door within the hour* if required, 24/7 – including all public holidays.

Electric Hot Water

It is advised when installing a new water heater, or replacing one, to research the options available to you as you may find a hot water heater run on another fuel source more suited to your home which will save you money in the long run. The skilled professional plumbers and gas-fitters from Mr Emergency Plumbing can assist you in working out which type and size of water heater would best suit your household requirements, as there are many various makes and models ranging from a small unit of 25L up to a large unit of 400L available today.

It is also recommended, when considering the installation of a new hot water heater to check the regulations in your area, or discuss with the experts from Mr Emergency Plumbing, as the South Australian state government has strict requirements regarding the type of water heaters that can now be installed in residential properties – as a measure to reduce energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric hot water come in the following styles;

Electric Storage Hot Water Heater

Electric storage hot water heaters store water in a tank, they are available in a small compact unit with a 25L capacity which is great for a small unit – up to a super-size tank with a capacity of 400L. A household of 3-4 people will usually require a tank with a capacity of 125-160L depending on household factors. Electric storage hot water heaters can be more expensive to run over gas, solar or heat pump models but you may have the option in your home to utilize an off-peak tariff – these systems will only receive power for a limited time during the evening – any heat losses or used hot water cannot be replaced or reheated until the off-peak time the following night, so there is a risk that you may run out of hot water during the day – depending on your hot water requirements. Off-peak electric hot water heaters usually need to be larger to enable efficient use.

If your electric hot water heater is connected to a continuous electricity supply (or day-rate tariff) any heat loss or usage can be replaced and heated quickly making it unlikely for you to run out of hot water and you can install a smaller tank, the only downfall with using the continuous supply of electricity to keep your tank heated to the desired temperature is that this system can become quite expensive to run.

Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Heater

Instantaneous, or continuous flow, electric hot water heaters are a thankless unit that only heat water automatically when you need it, through a heat exchanger, when you turn on your hot water tap. The instantaneous systems can only be connected via the day rate tariff (or continuous electricity supply) unlike the storage unit that may be able to utilize the off-peak tariff, so their running costs may be higher than the off-peak storage models. However; as there is no tank to store water – there are no heating losses which actually make them much cheaper to run than the day tariff (or continuous supply) storage tanks.

Another advantage of instantaneous electric hot water heaters is that they are also able to be temperature controlled to reduce the risk of scalding from the water being too hot; unlike the tank storage systems which are required to be at a heat of approximately 60+ degrees Celsius – to kill any bacterial germs that may grow in the tanked water. Instantaneous units are also compact and better as a space saver – as there is no storage water tank involved.

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Gravity Fed Electric Hot Water Heaters

Gravity fed hot water systems are a storage tank system that is usually located in the roof of your home. They were quite common over 25 years ago but are now overtaken with the more modern storage and continuous flow systems; now that gas, mains pressure and solar power have become common in most households, but the gravity fed systems are still in many homes today. Gravity fed systems are often cheaper to buy and can last a very long time, with little maintenance, but are not as readily available as the other systems, especially as they are not an easy product to install. Water pressure can also be a problem with gravity fed hot water heaters as the flow pressure is dependent on the height difference between the tank and your hot water outlet. Although this system is not a usual recommendation for a new installation – the qualified, fully licensed plumbers from Mr. Emergency Plumbing have the skills and knowledge to repair and service any gravity fed hot water heater.

We are able to install, repair or replace all makes and models of electric hot water heaters, including;

Any type of water heater, whether it be electric, gas, solar or heat pump, needs to be installed by a licensed plumber and they must provide your household with a certificate of compliance within seven days of installation. You can rest assured that the plumbing professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing will follow all plumbing codes and protocols, providing you a quality service that you can trust. Call us today on 1300 164 064 or book online and save yourself 10%. We also offer interest free terms^ on purchase of $1,500 or over so you do not have to put up with cold showers any longer.

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