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A heat pump hot water system is another excellent consideration if you are looking at significantly lowering your household’s greenhouse gas emissions, and they are a huge money saver over the years.

Heat pump hot water heaters do not require sun to heat the water, as a solar powered system would, but they are classed in the same category as a solar hot water heater in regards to generous government rebates and incentives that are available, as they are an extremely energy efficient system. A heat pump hot water system will use approximately one third less power than a standard electric hot water system, saving you up to 25% off of your energy bills.

How does a heat pump hot water system work?

A heat pump hot water system operates in the same way as a refrigerator or a reverse cycle air conditioner, but in reverse. They draw energy from the ambient outside air and extract the heat, transferring the heat to water stored inside a hot water tank. A heat pump hot water system is similar to an electric boosted solar hot water system but it does not require solar panels or the sun to heat the water.

  • Air is pulled into the unit through a fan where a refrigerant absorbs the air’s heat.
  • This air is far warmer than the refrigerant, even if the air feels cold to us, it heats the refrigerant turning it from a liquid into a high temperature gas.
  • The gas is then pumped through a compressor; this process generates a high heat source.
  • The heat is then transferred via a heat exchanger into a water storage tank – heating the water inside.
  • As the heat is drawn away into the tank, the refrigerant is cooled down; turning back into a liquid and the process begins again.

Heat pump hot water systems tend to work the best in warmer climates, but there are some models that are designed to operate efficiently in cooler climates, even with temperatures of below 0 C. The friendly, professional plumbers and gas-fitters from Mr. Emergency plumbing are happy to discuss any questions you may have in regards to heat pump hot water systems.


Why should you install a heat pump?

  • If you are looking for an efficient renewable energy source, which does not require solar panels or the sun to heat your water then a heat pump is for you.
  • There are a range of government rebates and incentives available with the installation of hot water heat pumps, saving you a substantial amount in your initial costs.
  • Due to their energy efficiency you will notice dramatic savings in your energy bills.
  • A hot water heat pump uses approximately one third less energy that a standard electric hot water system and if used with a solar booster can be made even more efficient.
  • Some units can also provide air conditioning or home ventilation.
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At Mr Emergency plumbing we are the connoisseurs of hot water heat pumps and can install, repair or replace any system. We can also help assist you to choose the right sized unit to ensure that all of your household’s hot water requirements are met. Some of the quality brands that we recommend are;

A heat pump is a great alternative to a solar powered system, especially if you are unable to install solar panels on your roof. They provide an extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly way of heating your hot water and will save your household a lot of money on your energy bills. Approximately 23 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions come from Australian homes, installing a heat pump will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and there will be no lack in quality or reliability of your hot water needs.

At Mr Emergency Plumbing we understand that no hot water is an emergency to any Australian home and we are available in all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, ready and available within the hour* if required, to install, repair or replace any type of hot water system.

If you are interested in a new heat pump hot water system but are worried about the cost – there is no need to worry– at Mr Emergency Plumbing we are able to offer you interest free^ payment terms on all purchases of $1,500 or over, and we are also more than happy to discuss any government rebates that are available in relation to the installation of a new hot water heat pump.

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