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Hot water systems are a speciality here at Mr emergency plumbing. With hundreds of options our plumbers know how to work with them all. On Thursday 8th December, Mr emergency plumbing received a phone call from a customer in Altona Meadows. The customer wanted a quote an some information about a new gas hot water system. The customer requested someone to come the next day after 10:00am as there would be someone at the property after this time.

The dispatch team provided the call centre staff member with a timeframe of between 10:00am – 1:00pm on Friday as the customer requested. The customer agreed with this and the booking went ahead for the next day.

The next day the plumber arrived on site at Victoria Street, Altona Meadows at exactly 10:00am. The plumber did a job safety analysis and made sure the site was safe to proceed. The plumber looked at the hot water system and gave the customer some advice on a new one and also gave the customer some pricing. After all the work was complete the plumber then moved onto his next job for the day. The customer paid for the work via eftpos.