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Job Date: Wednesday 12th April 2017

Mr Emergency Plumbing is one of Australia’s leading emergency plumbing companies, we are dedicated to helping those who have unexpected plumbing issues occur and providing fantastic customer service.  A customer in Bundoora, Victoria on Snake Gully Drive called through to the Mr Emergency call centre for a possible broken stormwater pipe due to a slow draining drain.  The customer requested to have this investigated as soon as possible, so we organised a plumber to attend within the next available time frame which was between 1pm and 4pm.

Mr Emergency Plumbing Bundoora arrived onsite at exactly 1:02pm ready to get to work.  Our plumber arrived with all requested and necessary equipment in his vehicle and went to the stormwater pipe to investigate the issue.  The plumber inserted the camera into the stormwater pipe and found no breakages in the pipe however the slow draining could be caused from tree roots from a  tree in the neighbour’s yard and the sewer easement.  Our customer was pleased that we were able to offer this type of information, which was exactly what he wanted.

On completion of the investigation, the customer was able to keep the footage and was able to pay the plumber on completion via the use of our mobile eftpos machine which all of our plumbing vans are equipped with – for added convenience for the customer.