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We received a phone call from a customer who had seen our number in the yellow pages for emergency plumbing. The customer called at 8:30am on the 31st of December as the pilot light on his hot water system would not relight. The customer requested a timeframe later in the day of between 12-3pm. Our plumber LA arrived at the Saturn Street address Caulfield within the allocated timeframe and began work on the thermann hot water unit straight away. Upon inspection of the hot water unit, the plumber determined that there had been extensive damage done to the unit by the recent storms that passed through the area. The thermocouple was the part that required replacement. Each of or Mr emergency vans are extremely well equipped with replacement parts, so sourcing the required materials are easy and the part was installed very quickly. Now installed, the plumber tested the hot water system, with the unit now operational, the plumber had finished all work. The plumber was able to provide the customer with a printed invoice and the customer was able to pay via his credit card using the mobile eftpos facilities in the plumber’s van. All work was competed and the plumber was off site in less than 45 minutes.