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Open Over Easter

Not everything is closed over Easter. At Mr Emergency we are available at all hours over the Easter long weekend. Easter is not the time of the year when you want your hot water system to break down. But rest assured Mr Emergency is here to help at any time over the holidays. You don’t have to do without hot water for days. We can easily replace or repair your hot water system over Easter. And you don’t pay any extra for work done on Good Friday or any of the Easter weekend. Our charges stay the same as they are on any ordinary day.

Jobs Around the House

Because our rates stay the same, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use Mr Emergency over Easter to get things done around the house. Any plumbing or electrical work you’ve been putting off can be fixed fast by the professionals at Mr Emergency. We are available for anything electrical from putting in that extra powerpoint or USB charger to a full rewire of your house while you take a break by the coast. Our plumbers could put in a new garden tap or finally fix the slow leak you haven’t had time to deal with.

Are you giving your place a fresh look with a coat of paint? It’s a good time to renew powerpoints and switches. Why not get some new ones and let Mr Emergency put them in? You don’t even have to get them yourself because our vans carry quality brands like Clipsal.

Get Gas Connected

Relying on bottled gas during Easter means that if it runs out, your only option is the busy local hardware store. So it’s the perfect time to connect your BBQ to the gas mains.

Save with New Lighting

It’s also a good time to upgrade your lighting. LED downlights save money in the long run by reducing the amount of electricity that you use. And it’s not just downlights that are LED these days. You name it and there’s an efficient LED replacement for it.

Winter is Coming

The Easter long weekend is the perfect time to get things prepared for winter. Even if you only use you air conditioner for cooling, Easter is a good opportunity for a clean and a service. Evaporative air conditioners should be closed down, cleaned and covered for the winter.

Mr Emergency’s electricians can replace or test your smoke alarms as we enter the season when house fires are more common. It’s also not a bad time to have a professional check the operation of your hot water system.

Our fully qualified gas fitters can service and install gas heaters. The Easter long weekend is a convenient time to service your gas heater. And just before it starts to get really cold is an ideal time to install a new heater. Our gas heating service and installation includes carbon monoxide testing to keep you safe.

Mr Emergency doesn’t just deal with emergencies. Because our charges don’t go up over Easter, there is no reason not to use us for some Easter chores.

Emergency Plumber

But emergencies such as power failures or blocked toilets still happen. You can be sure that Mr Emergency can put things right at any time over Easter. So have a happy Easter and remember that we’re open and ready to help.