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Job Date: November 14th 2016

Mr Emergency plumbing Glen Forrest recently attended a job for a customer with a property located on Daleyview Close in Glen Forrest. The customer called through to our after hours bookings team at approximately 5pm on November 14th the customer was looking for a plumber to attend their property the same evening for a burst pipe under their kitchen sink. We offered the customer a time between 5pm and 8pm for our plumber LH to arrive.

LH arrived at the customer’s Daleyview close property at 6:32pm within the allocated time frame provided by our bookings team. Our plumber arrived onsite with the parts and tools required to complete the work required and get the customers burst pipe repaired as efficiently as possible. The plumber replaced both the hot and cold flexi hose under the kitchen sink. While on site he also installed an isolation tap prior to the cold water flexi hose as there was already one on the hot water side. The customer was issued with a Minor Certificate of Compliance at the end of the job. Our plumber fixed the burst pipe, completed all work required and was off site within half an hour.