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Mr Emergency’s customer service team received a call on the 28th of December from a client who had no hot water. During a recent storm, the hot water system took a beating and the cover had been ripped off of the system and had just recently stopped working. The customer called very late at night and was not interested in having us attend immediately. She requested a plumber after 10am so she could make an appointment and be onsite to guide the plumber. With a time booked in, the customer thanked us and would wait for the plumber the next day.

Just after 10am, the plumber arrived to the Barbara Road address and inspected the unit. The winds had ripped the front panel off and caused damage water damage to the thermocouple inside. The plumber had a spare part in the van so the issue was easily fixed and he then secured the door to avoid any more environmental interference with the unit itself.

The customer received a call later that day to ensure she was happy with the service. She valued the plumber’s promptness, his profession appearance and attitude towards the job. She also really liked that she could pay via eftpos right there in the van. Will definitely be calling Mr Emergency next time she needs a plumber.