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A leaking taps is a common occurrence in all households and offices. Not only can the ‘drip, drip, dripping’ become a nail biting annoyance but it can also contribute to extremely high water bills (and energy bills if it is your hot water.) You may not realise it at the time but a dripping tap can actually equate to 1 litre of wasted water per hour – in a week that is enough to fill up a bathtub, so imagine how much water is being used if you have a very fast dripping or running tap.

Leaking Taps

Don’t let a dripping or leaking tap get the best of you; call Mr Emergency Plumbing, your local in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney & Brisbane plumbing professionals on 1300 164 064 and we will have your taps repaired or replaced the same day that you make your booking, guaranteed. We can even be at your sink within the hour* in the case of an emergency. We are available for all of your plumbing or gas fitting requirements 24/7, every day of the year, including all public holidays. We are able to attend to all areas capital cities within Australia, and offer a friendly, affordable, reliable and trusted service with customer satisfaction assured.

tapwareYou may be tempted to fix a leaking tap yourself, but it is recommended to have a licenced plumbing professional attend to all tap matters to ensure further damage isn’t caused unnecessarily – costing you more money in the long run. It is also actually illegal in some Australian states to change tap washers yourself – have Mr Emergency Plumbing repair or replace your leaking taps and be confident that the job is done professionally first time, every time.

Besides changing a washer (if this is the cause of your leak) a full tap service will be completed in regards to any tap repair, including installing a new quality hydro seal washer, replacing and lubrication of the O rings, tap re-seating and re-greasing of the spindle threads. By providing a full tap service will ensure that further leaks do not occur.

In many instances it may be recommended to replace your taps over repairing them, as taps do have an expiry date, and replacing tap ware will provide you with easier functionality and can add a whole new look to your bathroom or kitchen.

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Leaking Taps RepairsAt Mr Emergency Plumbing we carry all of the quality parts and tools required to repair or replace any tap ware, we carry basic tap fixtures but we are able to source any model of tap that you may have in mind in the case of a replacement. If you are after a replacement tapware whether it is for your kitchen, laundry or bathroom, we recommend that you browse the range of tapware below to find the model that you are after before making your booking, this will ensure minimal downtime to you as your friendly, reliable plumber will be able to bring the tap ware with them rather than having to leave your property to collect;

It is also important to have a qualified plumber install any water dispensing or ice making fridge as it advised that an isolation valve be installed behind the fridge – allowing for the water to be easily turned off in relation to any maintenance or removal requirements

Water dispensing and/or ice making fridges can be extremely convenient and with filtered cold water at a touch of a button is a great way to encourage your family to drink more water, but there can be some maintenance issues in regards to them, including;

Repair Leaking Taps

  • Caroma
  • Monda
  • Dorf
  • Raymor
  • Novelli
  • Kohler
  • Enware
  • Centique
  • Bastow
  • Flexispray

If you cannot find the tapware that you are after in the above selection, there is also a huge range available to browse through on the Reece, Tradelink or Samois websites which Mr Emergency can source on your behalf if required.

The expert plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing can repair or replace all types of tapware to suit any room in your home, including replacing existing separate hot and cold taps and faucets with a convenient all-in-one mixer tap. Your exterior taps are also no problem for our professional, qualified tradesmen.

Do you have a leaking shower head?

The Mr Emergency plumbers can also repair or replace your shower head in an instant – any leaking or dripping fixture in your home can be restored or installed by us!

For a detailed insight into the types of leaking taps, please click on the links below;

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  • Leaking Quarter or Half Turn taps

Call your local, affordable fully qualified and licenced plumbers from Mr Emergency Plumbing to fix all of your tap drips in any suburb of Adelaide – anytime of the day or night, any day of the year.

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