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Mr Emergency Plumbing knows the frustration that a faulty toilet can provide and how it affects the everyday function of your home or office.

Toilets and Cisterns

You may encounter the following experiences with your toilet;

  • The water continues to rise as opposed to being flushed away
  • The toilet won’t flush
  • The water flushes but then does not refill
  • Leaking around the base of your toilet
  • Cracked or damaged cistern or pan
  • Gurgling noises from your toilet or other drains on your property when you flush
  • Unpleasant smells emanating from your toilet

If you notice any of the above the best thing that you can do is to call Mr Emergency Plumbing and we will be able to attend to your malfunctioning Leaking toilet within the hour* in the case of an emergency. We guarantee a same day service, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week (including public holidays) and we offer normal rates until 7:00 pm on weekdays.

The fully qualified professionals from Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to make any repairs to your current Leaking toilet suite, unclog any toilet related blockages or replace your bowl, cistern or entire suite with minimal downtime to you – having your home or office back in working order with a professional, efficient and quality service that you can trust. We carry all of the required equipment and parts in our mobile workshop vans to unblock, clean and fully inspect your pipes to enable us to provide an accurate on-the-spot quote if any repairs or replacements are required.

Mr Emergency Plumbing specialists in many different models of toilets, including;

Concealed Cisterns

With a concealed toilet the cistern is hidden in either the wall, behind mirrors or vanity units or in the ceiling. The pan can be either wall faced (sitting directly on the floor) or wall hung (floor space is visible underneath the pan). Concealed toilets are excellent in smaller rooms as they save a lot of space and are visually appealing. Concealed cisterns are also ideal for the disabled, as the buttons can be located at a convenient access point for the user. There is a common assumption that concealed cisterns are more difficult to repair if there is a problem, however this is not the case – the cisterns are very easy to access for any repair work if required.

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Wall faced toilet

The sleek and modern design of the wall faced toilet allows for the unit to sit flush against the bathroom wall, completely concealing all pipework. Wall faced toilets can either be installed as a concealed unit or act as a suite with cistern and pan together. Their contemporary design makes them easy to clean as there are no gaps between the toilet and the wall and they look great in any bathroom, adding a modern touch.

Wall hung toilet

The wall hung toilet is an excellent space saver and has an appeasing modern design. Wall hung toilets are mounted to the wall by a bracket and the cistern is concealed – leaving space between the pan and the floor – adding smart style to any bathroom.

Close coupled toilet

A close coupled toilet is as the name suggests – the cistern sits directly on top of the pan, as a close couple! This is an appealing design as all pipework is hidden and allows for an easy to clean suite. The close coupled toilet is perfectly suited to any traditional styled bathroom.

Connector (or Link) toilet

This toilet suite consists of a separate pan and cistern linked by a pipe. This toilet suite is functional in placement as the pipe between the pan and the cistern can be adjusted in length to suit your requirements. The pipe can either be visible or can be covered by a plastic connector plate – making it appear more like a close coupled toilet.


Urinals are becoming increasingly popular in new homes and renovations today. They provide a cleaner toilet environment and use less water than a conventional toilet. Urinals have advanced in design and technology, they are able to come as a compact unit that can be wall mounted, and some models are actually waterless, providing a cost reduction to you in your water bills and are greener for the environment. Coupled with a traditional toilet suite a urinal can add a modern touch to your bathroom, making it more suitable to both male and females. A urinal may also provide an easier bathroom environment for a person with mobility issues.


CisternsBidets are also becoming more common in Australian households. Bidets can add a modern, luxuriousstyle to any bathroom and promote cleanliness and hygiene.

Mr Emergency Plumbing are able to offer you a range of brands for your toilet suite configuration, as listed below – clicking on the links will take you to a range of options from each maker;

Call Mr Emergency today on 1300 164 064 for all of your toilet repair or replacement needs. You will not be disappointed by the outstanding service our master plumbers will provide with customer job satisfaction guaranteed. You can also provide your number on our website and we will call you back, at no charge to you – or book your toilet repair or replacement online and save 10% off labour costs.

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